I Love Teen Titans Go!

I woke up early one morning in a Florida hotel room. With some time to kill before Steff and I we continued on with our vacation, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. By the time we were both dressed and ready to go, I struggled to rip myself away from the screen. I had just discovered Teen Titans Go! and I didn’t want to stop.

Prior to this chance encounter, my knowledge of the Teen Titans in any form was minimal at best. I knew they were a DC Comics teen superhero group led by Robin. I also read the New 52 Teen Titans #1 from an omnibus, though it didn’t make much of an impression. Teen Titans Go! though, was very different. This was much more kid friendly. They were superheroes by trade, but most of their adventures juxtaposed these heroes with silly situations from everyday life. Battles with baddies happens from time-to-time, though most episodes revolve around things like making sandwiches, trying to re-earn your license after it got suspended or secretly watching Jump City’s version of My Little Pony while nobody is looking.

Best of all, it was hilarious! Yes, this is a show primarily targeted for kids, but the writing is so on point. Each character has a very distinct personality, from the overzealous Robin, to the goofball Beast Boy, to my personal favourite, the always-sarcastic Raven. Each episode puts them in otherwise mundane situations and turns them into non-stop comedy for the young and young at heart. I can’t think of a show that’s made me laugh as hard or as frequently as this.

Almost a year had passed since that trip, and up until recently, I hadn’t seen the show since. That said, I couldn’t stop talking about it, so we recently got Season 1 Part 1. All of it was fantastic, though one episode that particularly stood out to me was the one with the Wonder Twins. When they try out for the team, it’s clear that one of them is liked more than the other. The way in which the episode deals with this dynamic was a riot.

Though I’m probably 20 years past the demographic for this show, it’s hooked me on harder than almost anything coming out of the two comic powerhouses. If you haven’t watched the show yet, give it a try!

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