Guilty Gear -Strive- Review

As an outsider looking in, the Guilty Gear franchise was historically defined by three things:

  • Incredible anime art style
  • Rocking soundtrack
  • Gameplay mechanics so complex you needed a Ph. D. just to be competent

While the franchise’s core audience love it for those reasons, my limited time playing Guilty Gear Xrd was a real struggle. Even with my prior experience in other fighting games at a competitive level, its layers of gameplay systems and character-specific systems immediately overwhelmed me.

Complexity doesn’t necessarily make Guilty Gear bad. In fact, with fighting game design as a whole moving towards a more streamlined approach, Guilty Gear was one of the last bastions for 2D fighters with that level of depth.

As such, the reality of ArcSys streamlining the mechanics of Guilty Gear -Strive- in hopes of brining more players to fold is one that will ruffle feathers on both sides.

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Disrespected! – Guilty Gear -Strive- Live Stream

I should have taken Sol more seriously as he knocks my block off in multiple Guilty Gear -Strive- sets! With this being week 1, I attempt to get acquainted with Giovanna and Anji Mito in hopes of eventually settling on a main!

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Diving Into Team Deathmatch in Rogue Company!

Rogue Company finally gets a straight-up Team Deathmatch mode. Let’s try it out!

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My Rapid Descent into Pokemon Trading Card Game Madness

I remember the start of my Pokemon Trading Card Game journey like it was yesterday. Because it was basically yesterday. Starting with just a set of two pre-made decks, we discovered that we really enjoyed the game and wanted to explore the scene further.

In a matter of days, I may have floored the gas pedal.

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Why I Treat Playing Video Games and Streaming Video Games on Twitch as Two Different Things

At a certain point in my streaming journey, I made a very important distinction for myself:

Playing video games and streaming are two separate activities.

Making this adjustment has helped me manage managing my mental health while also putting myself in a better position to work towards my streaming goals. Here’s how I differentiate between the two and how I benefit.

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Retro Revival Beatdown! – Streets of Rage 4 Live Stream

10 years after Mr. X was defeated, his children return to terrorize Wood Oak City! PlayerTwoStart joins me as we attempt to take back the streets in Streets of Rage 4!

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Trolled on My Own Stream?! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

An excellent Tetris 99 player in the chat is trolling me with silly names (and besting me on the leaderboards). Do we eventually find the identity of this troll? More importantly, can I find the skills within me to overthrow them?

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What I Learned From Playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the First Time

More than 20 years after its original release, I finally tried my at the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Together with my wife, we bought a starter set and engaged in battle. Here’s what I’ve learned after finally crossing this experience off of my bucket list!

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Mysteriums Park, Azul, and Other Board Games We Bought During Our Shopping Binge

It’s been a while since Steff and I went on a board game shopping bender. But after binging a ton of videos from the excellent YouTube board game channel No Rolls Barred, we felt compelled to expand our collection! Here’s what we picked up!

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So Many Balls! – Knockout City Live Stream

The competition in Knockout City is only getting tougher as players come to grips with its brand of dodgeball. Thankfully, I’ve got PlayerTwoStart and Qowface to back me up! We take part in a thrilling stretch of street and ranked matches!

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