Beating Donkey Kong Country in One Sitting!

Fasten your mine cart seatbelts! We play through the entirety of Donkey Kong Country and it put up more of a fight than I thought going in!

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Is Rayquaza VMAX…Bad? – Pokemon TCG Online Live Stream!

After pulling the spectacular Rayquaza VMAX alternate art card, I decided to go all-in and build the full deck. However, my weeks of testing and a lack of placements in big tournaments has me wondering if this flying dragon is just full of hot air. Also, we go on a TORRID winning streak with Dragapult VMAX!

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My Excitement (and Concerns) Over Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Rest in peace Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Welcome, Pokemon Trading Card Game Live!

After a decade of service, the old app will be sunsetting just before the launch of this new one. As of writing, very little has been shown of the new app. Nevertheless, that’s not going to stop me from weighing in on what we do know and bringing forth some questions I have about the new app!

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My Evolving Perspective on Pokemon Card Pack Opening Content

Long before I became personally invested in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, I was familiar with the pack opening formula. Steff introduced me to this style of content a few years back when she would watch UnlistedLeaf, one of the largest creators when it comes to this type of Pokemon pack-opening content.

Even though I knew nothing about the card game, I enjoyed the inherent adrenaline loop. As each card was presented, the tension would build for what rare card was at the end of this pack. Then the rare would get revealed and the adrenaline would be released, whether the card ended up being flashy or not. Our interest in the content grew to the point where we would buy packs from the Dollar Store to create our own budget version of the experience.

Since then, this type of content has exploded in popularity due to the pandemic and Logan Paul joining in on the action among other factors. The hype is so fierce that card supply at stores is strained at best (or nonexistent at worst).

Furthermore, I myself have gotten into the game. Looking at this content again from the lens of a new player, my feelings towards this content has evolved.

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We Complete WarioWare: Get it Together!

Wario and the gang get trapped inside their video game! Can they squash the bugs and get back into the real world? Find out in this full playthrough of the WarioWare: Get it Together!

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You’re Better Than This! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

A certain “sponsorship” program by a major gaming accessories manufacturer isn’t nearly as glamorous as they’d have you believe. Also, Tetris 99!

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Earn Booster Packs and Theme Decks in Pokemon TCG Online Without Spending Money

The online version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game serves as a fantastic gateway for new players. You’ll learn the gist of the game within minutes of playing the tutorial with the AI. Once you get past that, it serves as a robust platform that allows you to play against the AI or online matches with others around the world.

Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to buy physical cards or online codes to gain access to more digital cards. While you’ll certainly have a massive leg-up if you do, the game gives you many opportunities to unlock cards for free. It’s not unreasonable to earn enough coins to unlock one theme deck or multiple booster packs every day by playing the game in an optimal way.

Here’s the most efficient path to take in order to get as many cards and decks as you can in the most efficient manner!

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Aspects of the Pokemon Trading Card Game I Enjoy

From JRPG-style turn-based battles to match 3 puzzle games, the experience of Pokemon battling each other has been translated into basically every game genre. My favourite of the bunch? Tabletop card game.

Yes, I understand that there’s a little bit of recency bias at play. I only started playing Pokemon Trading Card Game a few months ago. Even so, the way in which I have invested my time and brain power towards playing the game, buying the cards, and understand the nuances of combat is beyond anything I’ve put into any other Pokemon game.

Here are the aspects of the Pokemon Trading Card Game experience that I find incredibly captivating!

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Happily Ever After? – It Takes Two Live Stream

We’ve finally made it to the end of Cody and May’s journey. After all they’ve been through…do they get back together?

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Pulling a Rayquaza VMAX!? – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Live Stream

I upgraded my Pokemon card collection with Eternatus VMAX and Zacian V! Both cards are considered some of the best in the game at the moment. How far these cards carry me against the competition in Pokemon TCG Online? We also discuss which Pokemon TCG Online codes to buy and the realities of which format players are battling in the most!

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