Hands-on with Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo police did not allow video or pictures to be taken of any games it showed. Here’s a picture of the banners instead!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is scheduled to spook worldwide audiences on Halloween. Luckily for me, I got to play a pre-release build at Fan Expo Canada. Was it a trick or treat?

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My Big Question For Mass Effect 3

A few days ago, the latest issue of Game Informer shed light on some new Mass Effect 3 details. While it was good to see any news about the upcoming sequel to one of my favourite 2010 games, none of the information revealed struck me as a surprise. Granted, I haven’t actually read the magazine, just the bits mentioned on web sites, so maybe the answer to my biggest question is there.

If you’d like to know what my big is, read through to the rest of this post. Reader beware though, this contains spoilers!

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Excited for Rock Band 3?

When it comes to my level of excitement for the release of a game, not many games in my life matched the hype I felt the original Rock Band. I was in the apex of my Guitar Hero love around the time when rumblings of a full-band music game from the developers of Guitar Hero II appeared on the Internet. When the rumblings finally turned up this initial video for the Rock Band proof of concept, I was sold. So sold, that I was the first person to pre-order the full Rock Band kit at my local EB Games and was even the first to pick up my kit because I showed up at the same time as the guy who was delivering the Rock Band kits to the store.

Three years, four Rock Band branded games, hundreds of hours played and hundreds of downloadable songs bought later, I’m kind of burned out on the plastic instrument formula. I forced my way through Lego Rock Band for the achievements and can’t find the motivation to even begin the career mode in Green Day: Rock Band. Rock Band 3 looks to revive the genre with new features, new songs, and for those who want it, a pro mode that takes the genre into realistic new heights. Are these changes enough to bring me back in?
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Some Thoughts On BlazBlue

As someone whose fighting game history is almost exclusively tied to Street Fighter, BlazBlue makes me feel as though I’m on another planet. While the general idea of one-on-one fighting is the same and there are many parallels that can be drawn in terms of the execution of normal attacks and special attacks, BlazBlue is a very different fighting experience.