The Gaming Rotation – How Many Games Are You Juggling at Once?

From what I gather, Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t a particularly long game. And yet here I am, having owned it since launch, still just a fraction of the way through it.

A lot of things arose in the last few months that got in the way. Running the Extra Life marathon. The holidays. Writing for the site. Streaming. Creating content for the YouTube channel. Oh, and my quirk of playing only one game at a time.

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The Board Game Rotation

Board Game Collection 2014When I first started buying board games, I had this noble thought in my head that I would keep every game I own in a rotation. Ideally, we’d cycle through the entire lineup so that none of the games get neglected. Instead, I’m in a situation where a handful of games get a ton of play while many others collect dust. Why did my dream of the perfect rotation fall apart? And is it even possible to maintain a rotation as one’s collection grows?

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