Where It All Began! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

A special someone introduced me to Tetris many years ago. Who could it be? And though I’m totally unqualified to do so, I try my best to answer Twitch-specific relationship advice!

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My Experiences with Starting a Gaming TikTok

Earlier this year, YouTube launched its Shorts video format. YouTube Shorts are vertically-oriented videos with a browsing mechanism similar to TikTok. Even in this early stage, a number of creators have greatly expanded their reach through this new format.

With YouTube being a priority for me, I decided to start making videos within the Shorts format. I was already making clips for Twitter and Instagram, so making YouTube Shorts was simply a matter of reformatting them for a vertical screen.

As it turns out, that YouTube Shorts vertical format is also same as TikTok. Though I’ve been reluctant to support more platforms with my content, I figured that if I’m going to make vertically-oriented clips for YouTube anyway, why not also post them on TikTok for greater reach with little extra effort?

Thus far, not much has come out of YouTube Shorts. TikTok though

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New Pokemon Snap Review

In retrospect, the original Pokemon Snap was way ahead of its time. Decades before photo mode became a staple in many modern games, Pokemon Snap was essentially Photo Mode: The Video Game. Despite the game’s misgivings, the novelty of taking pictures of cute creatures in their natural habitat made for an experience that we haven’t really seen since.

New Pokemon Snap isn’t going to revolutionize the world like the first one did. It doesn’t have to. Really, it’s primary goal is to give players that same magic of taking photos of Pokemon in the wild while cleaning up some of the originals issues, such as its incredibly-short run-time.

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Insanely Cute! – Pokemon Snap Live Stream

Oh snap! Decades after snapping photos of Pokemon on the Nintendo 64, I’m ready to do it again in New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch!

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Resorting to Desperate Measures in Rogue Company!

With our team struggling to establish its footing in Rogue Company, I pull out all the stops in hopes of getting us back on the right track! We also discuss our initial impressions of New Pokemon Snap, share podcast recommendations, and discuss the nuances of warming up food in a microwave!

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Keeping the Board Game Action Going Through Board Game Arena

Extenuating circumstances have made playing board games with others difficult. Steff and I still gather around our coffee table to play here-and-there, but we haven’t shared a table with others to play board games with since before the pandemic hit.

During this time of social distance, I’ve turned to Board Game Arena for my tabletop gaming fix.

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Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Stretch Goals Box Review

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game and its Boss Expansion come in slickly-produced boxes that are ready for store shelves. Meanwhile, the stretch goals box is…short on style points. Everything is packed in an otherwise non-descript cardboard box save for the black print on its face. Considering its steep $150 price point, I wish Jasco Games had a better way of presenting this content.

Where it lacks in presentation it makes up for with the plethora of goodies inside the box.

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Psychic! – Street Fighter V Rose Matches

Still have much to learn with Rose, but I make some incredible reads in this set of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition matches! We also discuss the rumors of NetherRealm Studios making a Marvel fighting game and false accusations made against me!

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Light Work! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

Tetris 99 wins seem to come more naturally when I’m not really paying attention to the game. Who woulda thunk? We also discuss expanding your taste in music, this year’s crop of Oscar best picture nominees, and secrets from inside the radio industry!

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Rose is Back! – Day 1 Street Fighter V Matches

My Street Fighter V road to redemption hits a major stumbling block when I run into two characters I’ve never fought against. How do I respond squaring off against characters and strategies I’ve never seen before?

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