My Favourite Halloween Candy

I care very little about Halloween. Always did the bare minimum for dressing up as a kid and bailed on the costumes as soon as I could. Never cared for the children’s stories or grown-up horror movies. If it weren’t for me being married to someone whose favourite holiday is Halloween, I would probably excise the entire thing out of my life.

Well, almost all of it.

The candy can stay. Now that I have a house, handing out candy to the kids that come by in their costumes is a highlight. But more importantly, it’s an excuse to eat candy and junk food! Not that I needed an excuse, but there’s a lot more around this time of year and someone has to eat it. Here’s a list with a few of my faves!

Rockets (aka Smarties to my American friends)

Rockets have a bit of a bad rap in my country. They’re seen as cheap and as candy that old people eat. Not quite Werther’s-tier, but teetering towards that area. Whatever Rockets you want to give away, send them to me! I think these tart candies are delicious and are wildly undervalued by others.

Crispy Cruch

My favourite chocolate bar is a staple of the Halloween lineup. Chocolate on the outside and peanut flakes on the inside, this bar packs a great mix of sweet and salty flavours with just enough crunch. Not sure if these are sold outside of Canada, but I do know they’re aren’t readily available in the United States.


This bitesized fruity treat is chewy on the inside with a hard candy coating. My favourite varieties are the original and sour ones. A few months back, these candies became the centre of a heated debate between Double Jump and I, as Rachel refuses to believe that all of the Skittles in a pack taste the same. She may be wrong on this front, but we’re united in our adoration for this candy!


I believe this is another one that hasn’t made it across the border. You’re missing out! Caramilk bars feature milk chocolate squares filled with oozing caramel. The Halloween sizes usually come with two squares, but the standard bar comes with 12. They can be a bit messy to eat at times, but the mess is so worth it for the delicious taste!

Sour Patch Kids

Sour gummies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ll eat almost any candy in sour gummy form, but Sour Patch Kids are my favourite. Love the bitesized form factor, the squishy mouth feel, and all the sour powder that coats the outside of each morsel.

Ketchup Chips

A Canadian delicacy! Though actual ketchup doesn’t excite me much, ketchup is my favourite chip flavour. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Hope you all have a safe and exciting Halloween filled with all the junk food you’ve been craving! Also, make sure to check your candy before eating any of it! Let’s go hoard these candies!

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Halloween Candy

  1. coilerxii October 31, 2019 / 2:01 PM

    I’ve always loved candy corn the most.

  2. Laurie Kendrick October 31, 2019 / 11:32 PM

    Chips at Halloween??? How brilliant. You Canadians.,!! But ketchup flavored?…. uh…..ok….. I’m much more into savory and salty things than candy. A bag of Ruffles would have altered my entire concept of Halloween which sadly was ruined at an early age. . .

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