10 Years of In Third Person: Some of My Favourite Videos and Live Streams

Video has grown to become a primary method of creating and consuming video game content. It makes perfect sense, as gaming in itself is a video-based medium. Though In Third Person has had a YouTube channel for a very long time, I squandered it with crappy webcam videos and rips of Street Fighter match vids for many years.

Many mistakes were made, but it wasn’t until this year where I was truly in a position to make the video content I wanted at an acceptable level of production quality. That said, some of the earliest videos I made with my shoestring equipment budget are still some of my faves! Here’s a few choice cuts!

In Third Person Comic Book Show: Ms. Marvel

My first real attempt at making video content was the In Third Person Comic Book Show. Struggling to find a means of communicating my thoughts on comics in written form, I decided to turn on the camera and talk it out. I’m highlighting this episode because it features one of the coolest new characters in comics that really speaks to modern times.

Board Game Talk: WWE Superstar Showdown

After I discontinued the comic book show, I tried my hand at board game content. It’s really hard to make board game videos, especially when you don’t have the right equipment, but I generally still like this series as a whole. The WWE Superstar Showdown one is one of my faves, because it put the spotlight on a cool board game that didn’t sell well and will probably fall off the face of the earth in due time. This was the most successful episode in terms of views, so I’m hoping that at least a few people gave this game a shot based on my recommendation! Someday, I hope to get back to making board game video content!

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Unboxing

My wife makes a rare and welcome appearance in this unboxing video. We had a lot of fun opening this together! Snorlax is a mainstay of my stream, and this is the video where he’s “born”. Thankfully, the chemical smell is long gone from our sleepy friend.

Boss Rush: The Nintendo 64 Draft

One of the best things to come out of streaming is Boss Rush. It’s a ton of work, but I enjoy making Boss Rush more than anything just for the opportunity to chat about games with friends old and new. In this segment, Jason, JJ, and I partake in a Nintendo 64 game draft. Who picked the best set of games? What big games got left off of our list? What shockers made the cut?! There was a lot of great discussion and debate to come out of that one.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Demo on Gamecube

You never know where your content will go. Stumbling on an old GameCube demo disc in the middle of a live stream, I played through an awful demo for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on Gamecube. Though I hated my life in the moment, it would be the video that connected me with Kris and Rachel from Double Jump. They’ve been great friends and collaborators since then, making the droning of “Slice and dice!” well worth it. #teamkris #teamrachel #triplejump

Acceptance and Empathy in Games

At the end of a Pikmin 3 stream, I kind of went off on an unscripted rant about acceptance and empathy in the gaming scene. Just based on where the conversation was going, I felt like it was important to get some stuff off of my chest with regards to our culture’s bad habit of shaming and gatekeeping others. It might be the most meaningful thing I’ve said on stream to-date.

Boss Rush: The Sibling Game

Our first team-based game show on Boss Rush was a riot! Putting their sibling bonds to the test, Mat & Jon took on Kris & Rachel in The Sibling Game! Played like The Newlywed Game, I asked them questions to see how well they knew their respective siblings. This was non-stop laughter for us all, whether they were perfectly in-sync or completely off-base with each other. Jon’s response to the final question still cracks me up to this day.

Board Game Night featuring Codenames

Our first board game live stream was an absolute barn-burner! It may not be the finest example of high-level Codenames play, but the amount of laughs that were generated that night were unbelievable! Is Africa a country? Can you trust Double Jump to play by the rules? Were the guys able to complete the epic comeback at the end? Tried my best to cram some of the high points in this reel, but you really should watch the whole thing for maximum hilarity.

Extra Life 2018 Marathon

The magnum opus! For 26 hours, my family and friends from all over came together to help play games while raising awareness and funds for the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. It was a ton of work, but I’m glad to have shared that experience with my gaming family and the many who tuned in from home! Looking forward to doing it all again TOMORROW!


Support the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals by Donating Through Extra Life

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