Stackin’ These Blocks! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

Stackin’ and stackin these blocks! Together with Heather and everyone else in the chat, we made the new Tetris 99 anthem! We also score a bunch of wins, share our video game hot takes, and I take a look back at how rough my stream was when I started!

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The Dangers of Buying a Cheap USB Capture Card for Game Streaming on Twitch and YouTube

Over at The Support Role Discord group – which you should totally join by the way – someone came in and asked for help setting up their capture card for gaming. Without seeing what they were working with, I was able to talk them through the process of getting everything going. At the end, they took a picture of the results. On the shelf was a laptop with OBS on, capturing Fortnite. On the TV was the same OBS feed.

“Wait, why does your TV and laptop have the same video feed?” I asked.

From there, we ultimately deduced that for the purposes of gaming, the capture card they had purchased wasn’t going to work at all for their needs. Bummer.

This is a cautionary tale.

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Popping the Question!? – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 13

Things between Haley and I seem to be getting pretty serious these days. Or are they? In this latest Stardew Valley stream, we also spend a lot of time talking about streaming advice and debating Pitchfork’s picks for the best game soundtracks of the last 20 years!

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Why I Didn’t Quit Streaming After a Year With 0 Viewers

Streaming to zero viewers is an experience that is surprisingly common. 95% of streamers on Twitch average 0-5 concurrent viewers per stream. Even so, it doesn’t make the sensation sting any less. I don’t blame anyone for quitting because they don’t like streaming to an empty room. The whole point of streaming is to share that experience with others. When there isn’t a demand for it, what’s the point of carrying on?

I know this darkness all too well. During my first year of streaming, I bounced around between YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. My viewer count was basically zero the entire time. Didn’t even get a single message in the chat.¬†And it wasn’t like I was streaming once in a blue moon. I streamed more back then. Extra time didn’t help one bit.

With hundreds of hours logged in the void, what kept me going? And what can you learn from my trials and tribulations?

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Being Unprepared for the 4K Era of Gaming

I chose to opt out of the first wave of 4K gaming with the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Between their steep price of entry, not having a 4K screen, and only really offering a resolution bump, it didn’t make sense for me. Besides, I’ve spent most of that time gaming on a Nintendo Switch, which oftentimes struggles to run 1080p.

As the next generation of consoles loom, I’m starting to feel the 4K pressure.

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Production Values on Twitch Are Overrated*

“What if viewers could blow up my stream?”

Yes, this is a question I have legitimately batted around for some time. In fact, I know exactly how I would do it.

Starting with a free green screen explosion from YouTube, I would chroma key out the green so that the explosion appeared as transparent. Once the smoke cleared, viewers would only see a black screen. Finally, the stream would shut itself off. All of this would be controlled by an expensive Channel Points redemption and automated through LioranBoard.

Blowing up the stream sounds cool and all. But exactly how does that effect actually improve my stream and help me achieve my goals on Twitch?

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Twitch Sings: A Family Affair

On most Saturday nights since this ordeal began, my cousins and I have gathered online to spend some quality time with one another. Though it’s certainly not the same as our in-person get-togethers, it’s a great way for us to stay in touch.

For many months, we’ve used this time to play Jackbox together. A few of our sessions involved the board game Codenames. But the most recent and arguably biggest hit in our family? Twitch Sings.

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Winter is Coming! – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 12

What do you mean plants don’t grow in the winter?! This startling revelation has me shifting my Stardew Valley strategy! Along the way, we call Haley on Facetime, and the Just Chatting section at the end goes into very personal territory.

Take care of your mental health. If you’re not feeling okay, it’s okay to ask for help from family, friends, or a mental health professional. And make sure to let everyone you care about know that you love them.

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Sour Cookie Taste Test! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

The latest Tetris 99 theme is rockin’! Not just the music, but the competition. Quite possibly the fiercest set of competitors I’ve faced yet! I also talk all about the process of building my new PC, favourite barbecue foods, and serenade viewers with my new and improved Auto-Tune!

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How to Keep the Conversation Going on Your Stream

As a streamer, your voice and the words you say with it are your most important assets. Every game you could ever play will be covered by thousands of others, but viewers will have to come to you for your particular spin on the action.

Easier said than done, of course. Talking while gaming isn’t a skill that players develop naturally. Add in the fact that you might not be comfortable partaking in conversations in real life, and the thought of carrying the conversation for the duration of a multi-hour stream becomes incredibly daunting.

If you routinely find yourself drawing a blank, here are some pointers for how to keep the conversation going!

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