Lunar New Year Action! Overwatch Live Stream

Happy Lunar New Year! We celebrate this joyous occasion by firing up Overwatch and working towards unlocking the latest Lunar New Year skin!

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My PC Gaming Experience Thus Far as a Life-Long Console Gamer

For most of my life, I have actively avoided PC gaming. I was scarred by bad experiences in the early 90s such as that time when my underpowered 386 couldn’t run Doom at all. Furthermore, I didn’t have the resources to spend thousands on a rig capable of playing modern games.

I’m only in a position now where I can play on PC by virtue of my streaming hobby. Sorely in need of a PC capable of handling my streaming and video editing needs, it just so happens that a video production PC can double as a solid gaming PC.

A few months into my PC journey, here’s how things are going thus far.

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Is Bowser’s Fury the Future of Super Mario?

Bowser’s Fury is odd. Despite being packed in with Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Switch, Bowser’s Fury shares little relation beyond its protagonist and antagonist. Gone is the four-player co-op and linear level design. Heck, Bowser’s Fury doesn’t quite fit with anything in the Super Mario universe…and that’s what makes it fascinating.

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U Mad, Bowser? Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Live Stream!

Bowser is BIG mad! Corrupted by goop, Bowser Jr. turns to Mario in hopes that he can free Bowser from this demonic spell! During this session, I play both Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury!

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Love and Garbage Blocks for All! – Tetris 99 Live Stream


Love (and junk blocks) are in the air throughout this Valentine’s Day edition of Tetris 99! Between hotly-contested matches, we discover what our primary love language is, check out an alternative to diamond engagement rings, and showcase the latest in snacks!

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Nintendo Direct News That Has Got Me EXCITED

Yesterday, Nintendo finally stepped forward with its first full Nintendo Direct in over a year. It was great to see so many announcements jam-packed in a 50-minute presentation. Though I won’t cover everything here, I will highlight a few trailers that really caught my attention!

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Sayonara Wild Hearts Review

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a stylish rhythm action game in the same vein as Rez and Child of Eden. With so few games of this ilk in existence, it’s good to see others exploring what’s possible within this space. But is this latest take on the genre a bop or a flop? Continue reading

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Gray-Market for Nook Miles Tickets

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not have in-game microtransactions. Even so, that has not stopped some players from buying in-game items with real money. In particular, Nook Miles Tickets are a hot commodity, with players buying tickets in the hundreds – or thousands – for just a few real-life dollars. Even my wife has purchased Nook Miles Tickets from an online vendor and found the experience to be a better way of securing tickets rather than playing the game as intended.

What’s going on here?

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50 Nook Miles Tickets Later, Can I Find Bob in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

With Zell moving out, we go out on another villager hunt to find Bob in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Is today the day when I finally bring my favourite villager home?

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Rogue Company But With Twitch Subs On The Line!

Time for our community to get paid! I plan on giving away a Twitch sub at the end of the stream, but will give away a total of three if Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, MacGyverisms, and I win more matches than we lose. Are we able to secure the bag for our community?

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