From Jett Rocket to Valorant: The Short (and Probably Not Entirely Accurate) History of Characters Named Jett in Video Games

Riot Games – the makers of League of Legends – are set to release a first-person shooter called Valorant. During its closed beta period, the game gathered a ton of interest from players and viewers on Twitch.

What intrigues me most about the game is the game’s cast. Well, one member of its cast. Its launch roster includes a character bearing my unorthodox name. Having grown up in a world where I’ve felt like an outcast for having such an unusual name, seeing Jett used for an awesome character in what could be one of the biggest games in the world someday is a huge win for Jetts everywhere.

Which got me thinking, “Where has the name Jett been used in video games?” Though the answer is higher than zero, the total output of games featuring Jetts is scarce.

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FIRST ONLINE MATCHES! – Guilty Gear -Strive- Closed Beta Live Stream

I can barely contain my excitement as we partake in a series of thrilling online matches throughout this Guilty Gear -Strive- closed beta live stream! Cannot wait to play the final version on release! For now, enjoy what might be your first look at the game!

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Guilty Gear -Strive- Closed Beta Impressions

The flagship franchise of Arc System Works’ ever-growing portfolio of anime fighting games returns in striking fashion. Guilty Gear -Strive- takes their 3D anime visuals to the next level while massively overhauling its gameplay with greater accessibility in mind. Set for release later this year, I got a chance to play in the closed beta. After a few hours of play against the computer and online opponents, there was much to unpack.

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I Got Accepted into the Guilty Gear -Strive- Closed Beta!

A while back, Arc System Works set up applications for the Guilty Gear -Strive- closed beta. Though access wasn’t guaranteed, as applicants would be placed in a lottery, I figured I would sign up anyway. Guess who got access?!

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Notes from the Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay Reveal Event

First revealed at the 2018 Game Awards, Mortal Kombat 11 had its big coming out party at a January 17th event. We got our first real glimpse at its gameplay, expanded variation system, story prologue, and more! Not going to provide a comprehensive rundown here, but I’ll highlight a few notes that I thought were worth noting!

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Prepare to Cry! Newbie Gets Owned in Dark Souls on Switch!

First look at Dark Souls on the Switch thanks to the network test! Unfortunately, I can’t show you much of the beta because I’m AWFUL at the game. If you want to watch me die repeatedly in the first section of the demo, be my guest!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Beta

Did you miss out on the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta on Switch? Fear not! I’ve got almost two hours of footage from a hi-res capture and a lengthy stream with my brother! So far, it looks really close to the PS4/Xbox One versions and it plays great!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Hype levels are over 9,000 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. After years of Namco Bandai putting the franchise into casual-friendly 3D fighting games, Goku and friends move to 2.5D with the assistance of the renown fighting game developers at Arc System Works. With their uncanny ability to seamless translate an anime art-style into games, along with their expertise in creating fighters, this is a match made in heaven. Did the final game shape up to be Super Saiyan levels of awesome?

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Arms Global Testpunch Impressions

Arms has been no stranger to skepticism. As a 3D arena fighter with motion controls isn’t exactly what you would want or expect from Nintendo. Nightmares of Wii Boxing came rushing back when I first saw this, leaving me scratching my head as to why Nintendo would want to go back to this concept.

Having now played Arms as part of the Global Testpunch, I now see that this isn’t another motion controlled waggle fest. Arms is the real deal.

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For Honor Beta Impressions

Generally, games in the vein of Dark Souls are not my cup of tea. However, the one thing I admire about games of that ilk are its combat systems. After decades of twitch action, Demon Souls slowed things down in a way that made every move, dodge and parry matter. As a fighting game fan, I can appreciate the nuance to combat in those games, though I can do w ithout the insane difficulty and lack of checkpoints.

For Honor takes that core combat style out of its dungeon crawl roots and puts it in a Call of Duty style multiplayer experience. Does the shift in format frame up the combat in a game that is more palatable to my sensibilities?

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