Galaxy Champions TV Impressions

Galaxy Champions TV may take place in the year 2049, but its influences are clearly rooted in the past. Starting with the 80s arcade game Smash TV, this riff on the formula aims to recapture the frenetic action of its source material while adding a few modern touches to make the game more palatable to today’s audiences.

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Fight of Gods – Jesus Combo Video

Christ has risen! Jesus breaks out of the cross in order to wreck shop in this Fight of Gods combo video!

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Achievement Junkie

When the XBOX 360 launched in 2005, nobody expected the runaway success of the platform’s achievement system. The advent of platform-wide rewards across games has really changed the way many consume them. Ever since the 360 implemented it, equivalent systems have been put in place for the PS3, WoW, Steam and within certain Wii titles, just to name a few.

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