Street Fighter V and the Army of Rookie World Warriors

Years after leaving Street Fighter V behind, I recently began my journey anew. This time, with a clear mind, no pressure to perform, and with a new account on PC with zero ranking points.

Though I still have a lot of rust to shake off, I didn’t exactly return to the scene as a white-belt warrior. In about a day’s worth of work, I jumped from 0 BP to about 4,500; good enough to get me into Gold rank. Based on the way that players are distributed across the rankings, I leapfrogged roughly 88% of the player base.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout loosely translates the experience of game shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle into the realm of video games. Up to 60 players compete for the top spot by partaking in a series of mini games that will have you running, jumping, working as a team, and more. Are you ready to wear a silly costume and race for the goal?

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Racing for My First Win! – Fall Guys Live Stream!

Steff and I team up for a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout stream! Can we get our first win? Also, we discuss 90s movies and share our Lego NES build!

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EGLX 2019 in Pictures

The Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo is the largest video gaming convention in Canada. Though the event has been taking place for a few years now, this was my first time attending. Here’s an assortment of pictures and a recap of what we experienced!

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Street Fighter Week | My Story as a Competitive Street Fighter Player

Street Fighter Week continues! Though this story was sort of told in real time over the years, here’s a consolidated story of my rise (and fall) in the world of competitive Street Fighter!

There was a time when I thought the world of competitive Street Fighter didn’t extend beyond the bounds of local arcades. For a long time, I fancied myself as being savvy in Street Fighter II, as I could perform any of the game’s special moves on command and I could beat my friends. I didn’t think there was anything more to learn.

Boy, was I wrong.

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Last Second Shots, Own Goals, and John Legend Round Out This Mix of Rocket League Highlights

This ball teetering on the goal line at the lest second had us at the edge of our seats! Click through for a few more highlights from the Boss Rush Rocket League session!
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Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch Review

First released on the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015, Rocket League has been a breakout hit. Beyond being a best-seller on every platform its been on, this vehicular soccer game has found a second wind as an eSports title. With the title showing no signs of slowing down, it blasts onto the Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play and some Nintendo exclusive cars.

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Does ARMS Have a Future in eSports?

In the silver age of fighting games that we currently live in, eSports has become a key factor in the success of every game in the market. From having thousands of players compete in Street Fighter every year at EVO, to a niche game like Skullgirls maintaining its scene with smaller-scale events, to the millions of viewers who tune in through streams, the eSports aspect of fighting games keeps them relevant long after launch. With ARMS having been out for a few months now, let’s discuss whether this game has what it takes to thrive in the world of eSports.

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Playing Video Games for Fun vs. Playing Video Games for Sport

I am a lifelong video game fan. I’m also a fan of playing fighting games at a competitive level. While both paths allow me to enjoy video games, they diverge in very different ways. Playing video games for fun usually means playing lots of different types of video games. Playing games for sport generally requires you to focus on playing one game until you have hit a certain level of mastery. It’s very hard to do both.

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