Knockout City Review

Video game dodgeball has existed since the 80s with the likes of Super Dodge Ball. As a whole though, dodgeball is an underutilized concept. Maybe other game designers didn’t want to step on the toes of the Kunio-Kun universe. Maybe they just didn’t have any ideas to expand on the core concept of hitting people in the face with balls.

Enter Knockout City. Taking cues from team deathmatch shooters, Metroid Prime, and…fighting games(?)…this might be the most ambitious dodgeball game yet.

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Knockout City is a very traditional game (with a fairly unique twist)

Underneath the veneer of fantastical dodgeball, Knockout City is a team deathmatch shooter. Players roam around an enclosed space, hitting each other with projectiles to score points.

In practice, Knockout City feels very different from a traditional shooter. Not because you’re hurling dodgeballs instead of firing bullets. Its unique feel is derived from the absence of a core tenet of shooter design: aiming.

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The resurrection of Anthem? According to EA and BioWare, a major overhaul is coming

Anthem was…a bit of a letdown. It showed well as a proof-of-concept for a game where players fly around and shoot things, but everything else about it felt half-baked. Every mission featured the exact same structure and your in-game actions did little to tie into the game’s larger narrative.

I ultimately traded my copy away not long after experiencing the blatant padding that was its tomb missions. Not long after, Jason Schreier published an explosive expose on the development of BioWare’s most recent disaster, further solidifying the notion that it was best for me to walk away.

Many have long since abandoned Anthem, but EA and BioWare aren’t ready to let go. According to a recent post on BioWare’s blog, the game will be receiving a major rework in the future.

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Anthem Impressions

Life at BioWare has been pretty rocky. Despite being a great game overall, the fallout over Mass Effect 3‘s disappointing endings was one of the biggest news stories of that year. Then, Mass Effect: Andromeda was released a few years later to much criticism. Falling well short of expectations in terms of critical acclaim and sales, I’m concerned that we might never see Mass Effect again after that debacle.

This time, the studio left Shepard behind to tell an all-new adventure in Anthem. It’s also a very different type of game. Leaving much of the choose-your-own-adventure elements behind, this game is a looter shooter in the style of Destiny.

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Apex Legends Early Impressions

Seemingly out of nowhere, the makers of the Titanfall series surprised the world with Apex Legends. No, this is not the next real entry in the Titanfall series. Instead, this is a standalone battle royale game in the vein of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

My initial reaction before playing the game was to groan at the notion of Respawn Entertainment putting the Titanfall series on hold to chase the trends. While this statement may be true, it doesn’t mean that Apex Legends can’t be a quality title in its own right. Based on my limited time with the game thus far, it may be too soon to brush this off as money grab.

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So…let’s talk about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II

For a while there, EA seemed to have players fooled into thinking that it would right the wrongs of its previous efforts. They were incorporating a single player campaign into Star Wars: Battlefront II because players hated its exclusion from the first game. They also adjusted the way maps work so that the player base would no longer be separated based on who has paid for what maps.

In the last few days, whatever good will they have generated has been flushed down the toilet as the realities of its loot box system.

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How I Gave Up On Battlefield 4


I don’t consider myself as someone who is easily swayed by graphics. However, I couldn’t help but feel a bit taken aback by how gorgeous Battlefield 4 looked at first glance. There was a level of fidelity to its visuals that was beyond anything I’d seen before. If you’re looking for a showpiece game to impress your friends, this is as good as it gets right now.

If only the rest of the game reached the same highs as its graphics. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 version of the game was a buggy mess.

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How About That Sim City Launch?

PC coverage is not my forte, but the catastrophe of Sim City‘s launch is nothing short of epic. At the very least, it’s worth following up on this as it was the Bosscast Topic of the Week on the last episode of The Recurring Bosscast. Since launch, the game has royally upset many consumers who can’t play the game at all due to a extreme lack of servers that the game needs to support players. It’s gotten to the point where has currently stopped selling digital versions of the game, EA has stopped advertising the game, and they’re trying to make good with their consumers by offering them a free title later on.

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One More Try: Mirror’s Edge

During a lapse in my gaming itinerary, I decided to pop Mirror’s Edge back into my 360. Last time I wrote about this game, the game tried really hard to make me not like it. The game succeeded at that. I still love the premise of a free-running first-person game, but I stopped at the end of the second level in frustration, after dying roughly 50 times.

After a few minutes in the training level, I thought I was ready to go. What the training mode didn’t prepare me for was encountering trial-and-error gameplay and crappy combat.

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Some Thoughts On Mirror’s Edge

Released in 2008, Mirror’s Edge was a game I was following closely. The concept of a game built around first-person parkour action seemed totally awesome and totally un-doable. Most first-person games don’t even let you see your own feet, control like you’re a walking turret rather than a person, and platforming elements more often than not are a chore. How could a developer pull off such acrobatics from a first-person perspective?

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