I Completed My First Battle Pass And I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Do This Again

Popularized by Fortnite, the battle pass as a content distribution method in video games has become a staple in gaming. When one purchases a battle pass, they can unlock a series of perks through the course of regular play. However, if you fail to unlock every perk before the allotted time, those perks are gone forever. As such, those who partake in the battle pass grind are heavily incentivized to buy early and play frequently to squeeze every last reward out of their investment.

Though I’ve played games that contained battle passes in the past, the Frigid Haul battle pass within Rogue Company is the first one I’ve ever actively worked towards completing. Do I feel better about my life having gone through the process? No.

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So…let’s talk about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II

For a while there, EA seemed to have players fooled into thinking that it would right the wrongs of its previous efforts. They were incorporating a single player campaign into Star Wars: Battlefront II because players hated its exclusion from the first game. They also adjusted the way maps work so that the player base would no longer be separated based on who has paid for what maps.

In the last few days, whatever good will they have generated has been flushed down the toilet as the realities of its loot box system.

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