Being Unprepared for the 4K Era of Gaming

I chose to opt out of the first wave of 4K gaming with the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Between their steep price of entry, not having a 4K screen, and only really offering a resolution bump, it didn’t make sense for me. Besides, I’ve spent most of that time gaming on a Nintendo Switch, which oftentimes struggles to run 1080p.

As the next generation of consoles loom, I’m starting to feel the 4K pressure.

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The Secret Best Fighting Game is Now Free-to-Play! – Fantasy Strike Live Stream

With Fantasy Strike going free-to-play, now is an amazing time to try out one of the best and most accessible fighting games out there! Besides singing the game’s virtues throughout, we get in a bunch of matches with Fantasy Strike pro Frostilyte, and I share a cheaper alternative to game streaming!

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Cavalry is Here! – Overwatch Live Stream w/ Switch to Decaf and PlayerTwoStart


Switch to Decaf and PlayerTwoStart join me for a session of Overwatch with only “high-level” play! Along with all of the wins, we talk about how people use the word “gamer” in toxic ways, SFW ideas for OnlyFans, and we remix the Dream Daddy theme song!

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Production Values on Twitch Are Overrated*

“What if viewers could blow up my stream?”

Yes, this is a question I have legitimately batted around for some time. In fact, I know exactly how I would do it.

Starting with a free green screen explosion from YouTube, I would chroma key out the green so that the explosion appeared as transparent. Once the smoke cleared, viewers would only see a black screen. Finally, the stream would shut itself off. All of this would be controlled by an expensive Channel Points redemption and automated through LioranBoard.

Blowing up the stream sounds cool and all. But exactly how does that effect actually improve my stream and help me achieve my goals on Twitch?

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Some of My Favourite Ironclad Cards in Slay the Spire

Each character in Slay the Spire is controlled with a deck of cards that constitutes their attacks, defensive maneuvers, and other status effects. Though you unlock most of the cast in quick succession, I decided to focus my efforts on beating the game with the game’s starting character: The Ironclad.

Having finally climbed to the top with this masked swordsman, here are some of my favourite cards to use when playing as The Ironclad!

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Twitch Sings: A Family Affair

On most Saturday nights since this ordeal began, my cousins and I have gathered online to spend some quality time with one another. Though it’s certainly not the same as our in-person get-togethers, it’s a great way for us to stay in touch.

For many months, we’ve used this time to play Jackbox together. A few of our sessions involved the board game Codenames. But the most recent and arguably biggest hit in our family? Twitch Sings.

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My Tolerance for Failure in Video Games

If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and again, and again…or quit?

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Winter is Coming! – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 12

What do you mean plants don’t grow in the winter?! This startling revelation has me shifting my Stardew Valley strategy! Along the way, we call Haley on Facetime, and the Just Chatting section at the end goes into very personal territory.

Take care of your mental health. If you’re not feeling okay, it’s okay to ask for help from family, friends, or a mental health professional. And make sure to let everyone you care about know that you love them.

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Sour Cookie Taste Test! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

The latest Tetris 99 theme is rockin’! Not just the music, but the competition. Quite possibly the fiercest set of competitors I’ve faced yet! I also talk all about the process of building my new PC, favourite barbecue foods, and serenade viewers with my new and improved Auto-Tune!

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Running it Back with the Ironclad! – Slay the Spire Live Stream

Originally mean to be played as part of a live stream, bad internet sank my plans of streaming Slay the Spire. Ended up doing this as a video instead! Tune in for the opening musical performance, a Show & Tell featuring deck-building tabletop games, and my run to the top of the Spire with the Ironclad!

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