Limit Break! – 1v1 Tetris Matches in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2!

The Tetris community in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is tough, but I’m not backing down! I put forth a great effort and even get some good wins! Throughout the stream, we also discuss a number of topics, such as the questionable value proposition of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, pushing past your limits in video games, and the concept of “empty calorie” video games!

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Doomed?! – Tetris 99 Live Stream

With my fate hanging in the balance due to a slew of unforced errors, do I have the gumption to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds? Between matches, we discuss house-hunting horror stories, what factors are used to determine what the perfect video game is, and why I use a DualShock 4 to play Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch!

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How-To Easily Create Colour Gradients in OBS Without Photoshop or Other Photo Editing Apps

Colour gradients are a great way of adding design elements that fade into different colours. Until recently, this effect was only possible within Photoshop or other external photo-editing apps. As a streamer, you’d have to bounce between your streaming software and your photo editor to create and implement gradients in the right size.

Now there’s an easier way to create simple gradients within OBS without having to use an external photo app. Let me show you how!

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1v1 Tetris Action in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2!

The Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 community doesn’t mess around! I play a couple of 1v1 matches and really struggle against some talented Tetris players. Along the way, we talk about my overall thoughts on Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, and close the door on a crappy 2020.

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The Frustrating Decentralization of PC RGB Lighting Management

RGB lighting might be the single biggest cliche in PC culture. But when I powered on my new PC for the first time and saw the glow of my CPU and RAM, I was in love. Since then, I’ve gotten a few more devices that support RGB, including a mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. By happenstance, the new graphics card also has an RGB emblem, which is a nice bonus.

Seeing the lights in full bloom continues to be a treat. Unfortunately, managing them has proven to be a nightmare, especially if you want every device to glow in sync.

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Some of My Favourite Roguelike and Rogue-lite Games (So Far)

For a long time, I actively avoided the Roguelike genre. Based on my limited understanding of how these games worked, the threat of losing all of your progress upon death had no appeal to me whatsoever.

Two aspects of the genre got me to change my tune. One, the advent of Rogue-lites made punishment less severe. Instead of losing everything when you die, your hero would gain permanent upgrades during each run, making successive runs a bit easier while also providing value to failed runs. Two, the Rogue-lite format has permeated beyond the dungeons of yesteryear. From action games, to turn-based strategy tiles, and even card games have caught the Rogue-lite bug. Having Rogue-lite elements incorporated into game genres I love has gone a long way towards me appreciating Rogue-lites and Roguelikes as a whole.

Here are some of my favourites!

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Sweet Surprise! – Animal Crossing Live Stream – Part 8

I started my quest on a search for Bob, my favourite Animal Crossing villager. We didn’t find him, but we found someone…sweeter. Who did we bring home to our island this time?! Also, I share two more opened packs of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards!

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Domination!* – Rogue Company Live Stream with Switch to Decaf, playertwostart, and MacGyverisms

Clearly feeling the effects of the holidays, Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, MacGyverisms, and I get off to a very rough start in Rogue Company. Can we overcome our initial struggles and finish strong? Between matches, we discuss how our holidays went, throw many anime punches, and the curse of sweaty hands!

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My 2020 Game of the Year

2020 was a strange year for many reasons. With this being a transition year between current and next generation consoles, the slate of games we got was on the lighter side. Furthermore, with a pandemic raging across the world, many game developers were forced to work from home, forcing delays for many upcoming releases.

Of the games I did play this year, very few were actually published in 2020. Nevertheless, there were some serious contenders for the crown. My 2020 game of the year is…

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