Tetris 99’s 5th Maximus Cup Gives You The Opportunity to Earn a Splatoon 2 Skin!

While I knew that new skins were on the way for Tetris 99, I wasn’t expecting this!

Starting on Friday, July 12th at 12:00am PT to Monday, July 15th at 11:59pm PT, you can unlock a Splatoon 2 skin in Tetris 99! All you have to do is partake in the game’s online battle mode and earn 100 event points. Unless you finish 99th place every time, you should be able to unlock the skin without much trouble.

From what I’ve seen, the theme looks and sounds great! Love the visual cues it takes from Splatoon, while also incorporating the game’s different themes in smart ways. Once I unlock it, I plan on using this theme for quite some time!

As a heads-up, I have preliminary plans of streaming Tetris 99 this weekend with this theme! Not sure if it’s going to be on Friday or Saturday morning, but I’m looking forward to us enjoying this Maximus Cup together! You can follow me at twitch.tv/inthirdperson and turn your notifications on so that you don’t miss it! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I always make an announcement before I go live!

Now that Nintendo has opened the doors for skins to go beyond past classic Tetris themes, where would you like to see Tetris 99 draw inspiration from?

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Ian from Adventure Rules and I Hand Out the Keys to Nintendo’s Kingdom in This Cool Collaboration!

From Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle to Cadence of Hyrule, Nintendo of late hasn’t been shy with entrusting their legendary franchises with third-party studios. With the Mario, Link, and Samus open for reinterpretation, Ian from Adventure Rules and I shoot our shot and slide into Nintendo’s DMs with a few collaborations we’d like to see Nintendo swipe right for. Without spoiling too much, our brainstorming takes us to wildly different takes on one of Nintendo’s newest franchises, an epic RPG that makes room for new heroes to take the spotlight, and a record-scratching take on Nintendo’s iconic music!

Head over to Adventure Rules right now and check out “Keys to the Kingdom: Handing Nintendo Properties to Other Developers“!

It was a pleasure and an honour to work with Ian on this! His ability to write openly from the mind and from the heart makes him one of my favourite creators. If you don’t already, make sure to follow his blog and Twitter for more of his great content!

Splatoon 2 Review

The original Splatoon was a bold new step for shooters. Nintendo found an innovative way to make a compelling shooter where precision accuracy wasn’t a requirement. As such, it was a fresh experience that a wide variety of players could enjoy.

By virtue of Splatoon 2 being a direct sequel, it was never going to shock the world in the same way its predecessor did. On top of that, Nintendo hasn’t done too much to shake up the core formula. What it may lack in surprise it compensates for with refinement.

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Out Now: Splatoon 2

Years after shocking the world with a spectacular debut on the Wii U, the Inklings are back with Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch! This one seems to feature more of everything you love, with a few big new additions, such as a horde mode and a beefier single player campaign.

I enjoyed the original a great deal, but for some reason it fell out of my rotation fairly quickly. This time around, I hope to play a lot more of it. My copy is in the mail and hopefully it will arrive later today. Are you picking this one up today as well?

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My Top 6 Favourite Wii U Games

As it stands, the Wii U will go down in history as Nintendo’s biggest home console flop. Confusing hardware, poor messaging and continued lack of third party support sunk this one from the start. That being said, there were still a number of games worth playing on the Wii U. In no particular order, here’s a list of my favourites.

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Splatoon Review

It’s cute! It’s colourful! It’s…the next big shooter? Splatoon for the Wii U dares to mix things up in a genre where most are still copying from the Call of Duty playbook. In fact, Nintendo’s newest entry into the genre strays so far from the norm that shooting other people isn’t your primary objective. As crazy as that may sound, it works surprisingly well here.

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Amiibo Story: Inkling Boy and Girl

SplatoonUp until this point, all of my Amiibo purchases have been tied to characters steeped in years of nostalgia. When I look at my collection, my heart still feels all warm and fuzzy as the memories flood in. So how then, did the Splatoon Amiibos end up here?

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Out Now: Splatoon

My skepticism around Nintendo’s oddball foray into the team-based shooter melted away after experiencing the global testfire a few weeks ago. While I still have questions about how much content is in the package, I’m smitten by the game’s look, sound, innovative gameplay and polish. Splatoon may not seem like a Nintendo game at first glance, but it playing that beta proved to me that this has the big N’s fingerprints all over it.

I’m going to have to wait a bit before I get my hands covered in ink. Having ordered through Amazon, it appears as though my copy won’t be in until sometime next week. When it does come in though, expect a review and some video content from me in the near future! Happy inking!

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