Pokemon Snap Review

Before photo mode in video games, Pokemon Snap was Photo Mode: The Video Game. Putting you behind the camera of a professional pokemon photographer, your goal is to take candid snapshots of these creatures in order to help Professor Oak with his research. Decades later, this Nintendo 64 game still holds a special place in many players’ hearts.

With a sequel just months away from release, Steff and I finally took the time to complete Pokemon Snap once and for all. Is this cult-hit spin-off still picture perfect?

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Events That Defined My Experience with the 8th Generation of Consoles

Headlined by the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and Switch, the 8th generation of consoles has been a weird one for me. Coming off the previous generation where I spent more money and invested more time into gaming than ever, this one did not come close to capturing my imagination in the same way. That said, there were a few bright spots that should continue to shine going into the new wave.

With the sun setting on the 8th generation of consoles, here are the events that shaped my experience with it.

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First Look at the Dark Samus Amiibo

The gorgeous Dark Samus Amiibo is available now! Here’s an up close and personal look at this doppelganger! Enjoy!

Click through for the full video and still images!

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Advance Wars Live Stream

Long before war got its “groove” back, Nintendo paved the way for turn-based strategy games with mainstream appeal with Advance Wars! You won’t need a time machine to relive the fight. Just watch the VOD as we play through the first few levels and have a great chat about the Nintendo Direct that hadn’t happened just yet at the time of recording, games that expanded our horizons, our favourite tactics games and more!


We got our Extra Life 2018 Medal!

Why I trade in and sell old games

How I fell in love with Advance Wars

My wife’s bougie Chess origin story

My Gameboy Advance SP NES Classic Edition

Playing Gameboy Advance during class

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D-Pad Left Joycon

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The Horrific Pikmin 3 Massacre of 2018

Tune in to watch a rusty Pikmin 3 player inadvertently sabotage his crew to the point where they have no food left and almost all of their Pikmin are dead. I will be better next time.

Stick around for the great conversation between everyone that joined the stream though!

And yes, I totally talked about Taylor Swift again and nobody can stop me!

My New Super Mario Bros. U Adventure Continues!

Caught by surprise by how much I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U. the other day, we continue our quest through the game! My favourite level, Painted Swampland, also makes an appearance!

No Peachette. No Bowsette. No Problem! Jett Plays New Super Mario Bros. U!

Peachette will be in the Switch port of New Super Mario Bros. U coming in January 2019 and Bowsette may not see the light of day beyond the flood of art, memes, and cosplay. That’s not gonna stop me from giving New Super Mario Bros. U another go! Shoutouts to Twitter user @ayyk92 for the art and concept!

My Struggle with Smash Bros.

I used to love playing the Smash Bros. series of games. However, a long hiatus and a developed skill-set in traditional fighting games really warped my approach to Smash to the point where I struggle to play it and enjoy it at any level. Will be picking up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December though, so maybe that one will be the game that gets me back on the wagon!

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Live Stream

I know Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash got slammed for having very little content, but having played it for the first time just now, I’m actually stunned at how little Nintendo put into this title!

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