Everyone is Here! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Live Stream featuring Adventure Rules, PlayerTwoStart, and MrBlueSky0508!

Adventure Rules, PlayerTwoStart, and MrBlueSky0508 join me for an extended Super Smash Bros. Ultimate session! The first few matches were a bit laggy, but it got way better once we switched to 1v1. Besides the highly competitive matches filled with perfect shields, we share our origin stories with Nintendo’s fighter, share our hopes for future Smash Bros characters, and Jett makes it rain G-Fuel!

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Boss Rush: Episode 12 – 2018 Game of the Year Spectacular!

And the winner is…! Mat, Jon, Kris, Rachel, Jason, and I share our game of the year picks! We also talk about the games we’ve been playing, which include Gris, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Cattails, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider! Also, the pairs of siblings battle it out for the Boss Rush tag team titles in a hilarious game that tests their respective bonds to one another!

As a bonus, here’s Jason’s full video with his Game of the Year pick, honourable mentions, and his pick for 2018 game of 2019!

Kris & Rachel – www.doublexjump.com
Mat – www.biffbampop.com
Jon – @hotfiya
Jason – www.downstab.com

Pikachu, Pichu, Ganondorf, Ike, and Lucina Test My Ken in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Representatives from Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and The Legend of Zelda show no mercy to my Ken in this assortment of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online matches!

Want to watch live? Follow me on Twitch @inthirdperson!

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Lucario Saves the World One Spirit at a Time in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

This fighting Pokemon carries my team as we try and defeat everyone in World of Light!

Want to watch live? Follow me on Twitch @inthirdperson!

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In Search of a Main Character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I thought my search for a main character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was over before it began. Ryu is one of my all-time favourite video game characters and much of his tool set carries over quite faithfully into this game. However, his reliance on varying button input timings makes him one of the more execution-heavy characters in the game. With so much more for me to learn about the game, now’s not the time to be working about transitioning between regular and feathery button presses for every single combo.

Because of this, I’ve been keeping an eye on the roster as a whole and making preliminary mental notes on who I like based on my time using them in the Classic mode and World of Light. Keep in mind that I am not a Smash Bros. expert, so in no way is this expert analysis. Just what I’ve observed and what I’ve liked so far!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

70+ characters, including every single playable character from past iterations. 100+ stages. 800+ songs. Virtually no game has gone to the lengths that Super Smash Bros. has in order to earn theĀ Ultimate moniker. The numbers are certainly there, but does the package come together to create the definitive Super Smash Bros. experience?

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Justin Wong and jmcrofts with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Content I Need

The shelf-life for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will depend entirely my ability to “git gud”. I don’t have to be as good as Mango or HungryBox, but I want to get past the button-mashing stage and have the ability to approach and play the game with purpose. I wasn’t able to do it with Smash 4 due to the high difficulty curve of translating my traditional fighting game skills to this game, along with a lack of commitment to really push forward. But without another competitive game taking away my focus, maybe I’ll finally get there this time.

Helping me and others along the way are some great videos from traditional fighting game players Justin Wong and jmcrofts!

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Mega Man, Captain Falcon, King Dedede, Greninja and More Join My Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster!

The grind continues! This time, we were able to unlock a bunch of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including Mega Man, Captain Falcon, Sheik, and more! Thank you to everyone that dropped by the stream and I hope to see you next time @ twitch.tv/inthirdperson!

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Unlocking More Characters and Fighting Online in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Unlocking characters is a real struggle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Though I lose to a few on the stream, I would end up unlocking a bunch more through a series of Classic mode plays. I also take part in an extended set of matches with long-time viewer Muligoon! GG!

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I Want to Main Ryu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate But…

Coming into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a background in traditional fighting games has been quite the challenge. There are so many differences in the way that Smash plays compared to other fighting games that my mind and my hands have really struggled to translate my skills to this game. On paper, it seems like Ryu would be the perfect fit for me, as he retains most of his move set from the Street Fighter series. Without having to worry about what moves I’m pulling off or how to use them most effectively, I could just play and let my instincts do the rest.

Now that I’ve had a few days to play it, that isn’t the case at all. If anything, he’s actually one of the harder characters to play due to the way he controls.

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