My Favourite First-Person Shooters

Pioneered by the likes of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, the first-person shooter has grown to become one of the most popular genres in gaming. There’s something inherently visceral about viewing the world from the eyes of your character, as it puts you a step closer to the action.

Though I wouldn’t consider myself to be a genre enthusiast, I have played a number of first-person shooters in my travels. Here’s a quick list of a few faves! What are some of your fave first-person shooters?

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Metroid Prime and Console First-Person Shooter Controls Before The Advent of Dual Analog

Once upon a time, dual analog controls for first-person shooters wasn’t a thing. Even in an era where we had dual-analog controllers, it would take a number of years before developers would come up with that scheme and make it the standard. Going back recently to play Metroid Prime on the GameCube, its lack of dual-analog control has proven to be really jarring.

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Love & Game Prices! Boss Rush Plays Overwatch!

Jason, Laura, Jenna, and Seb behind the scenes carry me through some Overwatch action! Stick around to the end as Jason and Laura offer relationship advice on the eve of their 9th anniversary! Also, Jason introduced Laura to what?!?!

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Paladins Impressions

Pioneered by Team Fortress 2 and popularized in the mainstream by Overwatch, the hero shooter is gaining momentum as a force in the gaming space. Unlike modern fare such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, these games place a heavy emphasis on teamwork, as specialized characters with pre-baked looks and personality are designed with distinct strengths and weaknesses. If you work as a team, you’re able to bring out the best in each member while hiding each other’s deficiencies. On top of that, games like Team Fortress and Overwatch have succeeded in making characters that people care about, even if they do little more than kill for sport within the context of their respective games.

Paladins is the latest game in the genre, available now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Using Overwatch in particular as its foundation, it adds a MOBA-inspired upgrading mechanic that allows players to improve their character to their liking over the course of the match. On top of that, this one is free-to-play. Does this squad of medieval heroes have what it takes to give the futuristic frontrunners of Overwatch a run for their money?

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Far Cry 5 Live Stream and Alternate Intro Easter Egg


We delve deep into the heart of Montana where a cult is running amok in the mountains. I play through the opening tutorial area and find out what happens if you don’t arrest Joseph Seed at the beginning of the game!

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Jett Plays Star Wars: Battlefront

Taking part in the Battle of Hoth and getting shot a lot!


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Far Cry 4 Review

All Ajay wanted to do was fulfill his deceased mother’s final wish of having her ashes spread on her home soil. Instead, he gets tangled up in a bloody civil war that forces him to take arms against the evil empire. This is the underlying premise of Far Cry 4, the latest in Ubisoft’s hit shooter franchise.

I’ve experienced my fair share of unpleasant moments with past Far Cry games. The stealth sequences in Far Cry 3 forced me to give up the game towards the end, and I thought that the humour of Blood Dragon wore out its welcome long before the game ended. However, I keep coming back in hopes that Ubisoft will finally push their open world franchise to its full potential. Is Far Cry 4 the game to do it?

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Jett Plays Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wii U

Ever wonder what Call of Duty is like on the Wii U? Find out today!

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Titanfall Review

When Medal of Honor was at its peak, Jason West and Vince Zampella defected from that franchise to create Call of Duty. Clearly, this was a gamble that paid off, as their franchise continues to be the biggest cash cow in console gaming year-after-year. Years later, they would once again leave a great thing behind in search of making something even better. The end product of their latest move is Titanfall. Exclusive to Microsoft platforms, this first-person shooter states its case for being the next big thing.

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Top 10 Games Of This Generation – #5 – Borderlands

For me, Borderlands was the ultimate ‘don’t know it til you try it’ game of the generation. Leading up to its release, nothing about it sounded like something I wanted to play. However, after all of the positive buzz, I figured that I should get around to it eventually for academic purposes. By the end of my 100-plus-hour run, I might as well have been rewarded with a Ph.D, as I explored every nook and cranny of that game.

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