Ranking League Battle Decks From Worst to Best! (Pokemon TCG Pre-Made Deck Buying Guide)

With so many different Pokemon Trading Card Game League Battle Decks to choose from, which one(s) should you invest in? I rank them all from worst-to-best in terms of how strong it is out-of-the-box, its potential ceiling, and how much it will be impacted by rotation! Hope this helps you in your pre-made deck shopping adventure!

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Can Our Squad Take the Crown? – Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch Live Stream!

PlayerTwoStart and Meghan Plays Games join me for Fall Guys squad action! Do we have what it takes to reach the crown?

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[VIDEO] Blue Yeti Nano vs. Shure MV7 – Sound Comparison and Best Settings for Both!

The Blue Yeti Nano and Shure MV7 are two popular USB microphones. Which one works best for you? This video let’s you hear both out-of-the-box, as well as with processing to make both sound their best! I also share my thoughts on my experiences using both.

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The Disastrous Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Beta

I was cautiously optimistic when The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Trading Card Game Live. Meant to be a replacement to the aging Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, this new game promised a few major upgrades over the original, such as mobile play and a crafting system that allowed players to get any card they wanted with in-game credits.

Flash forward to today. The beta has been available for Canadian users for about two months now. Even giving the game the benefit of the doubt with it being in beta status, what I’ve seen of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live has been profoundly disappointing. Based on the overwhelminglynegative feedback from the community, I’m not alone in my current assessment.

Let’s dive into what’s wrong with Pokemon Trading Card Game Live in its current state and consider what could be done to improve things.

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My Orbs Betrayed Me! – Slay the Spire Live Stream

The Defect’s orbs give players a lot of creative ways to approach battles. Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way that those orbs have their downsides too!

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Fast & Furious: Highway Heist Review

Road rage is taken to the next level in Fast & Furious: Highway Heist. Players will work together to take down an 18-wheeler, a tank, and even a helicopter in a thrilling battle taking place on a highway with fast vehicles. Are you ready to take this challenge on a quarter mile at a time?

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Qwixx Review

From Lost Cities: Roll & Write, to Welcome To…, to Cartographers, the roll & write genre of games is one of the hottest tabletop gaming genres around. Tracing the genre’s roots back to Yahtzee, modern games have taken its foundation and built many cool new games around it.

One game to carry the torch is Qwixx. This dice game takes the core concept of Yahtzee and freshens it up with modern mechanics that add strategy while also keeping all players engaged throughout.

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Is Activate Games the Future of Arcades?

From carnival games, to arcade machines, to escape rooms, interactive amusement attractions continue to evolve. Activate Games in Canada and the US combines elements of virtual and physical play to create an experience unlike anything else I’ve experienced to-date.

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Board Game Geek: The Card Game Review

Board Game Geek is the hands-down best resource for tabletop gaming online. It’s got a library of information for pretty much every board game and card game ever made, user reviews, message boards, user profiles that allow you to keep an online tally of your game collection and the results of any board game you’ve ever played, and more. At some point in one’s tabletop gaming journey, they will inevitably end up on the site and benefit from everything it has to offer.

What better way to commemorate the best tabletop gaming website than with…a tabletop game?

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Review

Despite the obvious benefits that come with the digital adaptation of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it feels like fans see it as an afterthought. At its core, the appeal for players and collectors is the experience of having physical cards. There’s a joy that comes with having them on display, kept safely in a binder, or held in your hand just before playing them on the board. Even when The Pokemon Company gives codes with every physical product to unlock cards and other accessories in the video game, codes are sold for dirt cheap or even simply given away.

For collectors with zero interest in playing the game in any form, the existence of an online version is a moot point. But if you have even the slightest interest in playing the game, Pokemon TCG shouldn’t be ignored.

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