Far Cry 5 Live Stream and Alternate Intro Easter Egg


We delve deep into the heart of Montana where a cult is running amok in the mountains. I play through the opening tutorial area and find out what happens if you don’t arrest Joseph Seed at the beginning of the game!

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Far Cry 4 Review

All Ajay wanted to do was fulfill his deceased mother’s final wish of having her ashes spread on her home soil. Instead, he gets tangled up in a bloody civil war that forces him to take arms against the evil empire. This is the underlying premise of Far Cry 4, the latest in Ubisoft’s hit shooter franchise.

I’ve experienced my fair share of unpleasant moments with past Far Cry games. The stealth sequences in Far Cry 3 forced me to give up the game towards the end, and I thought that the humour of Blood Dragon wore out its welcome long before the game ended. However, I keep coming back in hopes that Ubisoft will finally push their open world franchise to its full potential. Is Far Cry 4 the game to do it?

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Jett Plays Watch Dogs

The hotly anticipated game from Ubisoft is here! Admittedly, I’m not that good at it yet, and the video evidence is proof of that.t

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Impressions

Ubisoft’s historical tale of guys shanking other guys continues to be wildly popular, though my interest in it has been in decline for years. After the series peaked during the ACII/AC Brotherhood era, they followed them up with two clunkers in Revelations and III. I had no interest in playing IV at all, but because of all the positive buzz surrounding this latest installment, a trade-in credit burning a hole in my pocket and a thirst for quality PS4 games to play, I gave it a shot.

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Top 10 Games of This Generation – Honourable Mention – Assassin’s Creed II

Over the course of this generation, the Assassin’s Creed series has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Right now, the series is arguably at its lowest point, as Assassin’s Creed III was mired with bugs, poor game design choices and an uninteresting protagonist. Though Ubisoft has dug themselves quite the hole with their last two sub-par entries in the series, I continue to hold out hope that they’ll find a way to recapture the magic they created with Assassin’s Creed II.

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With Watch Dogs Delayed to 2014, What Do Play On My Launch PlayStation 4 Now?

Mere weeks before its release, Ubisoft pulled the plug on its November launch plans for Watch Dogs and bumped the game into 2014. As someone with a PlayStation 4 pre-order, this is a real bummer. This was going to be my definitive launch-day experience, not to mention the only game in the lineup that I had any real interest in.

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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto may have created the open world genre, though it’s clearly not the only game in town anymore. Since the release of GTA IV, the genre has been taken to new heights by the likes of Assassin’s Creed, Batman’s Arkham games, Saint’s Row, Infamous and many more. Despite my ambivalence towards Red Dead Redemption, I respect the fact that it progressed the open world formula in a number of meaningful ways.

With so many new components to draw from, what influence would they have on Grand Theft Auto V? Based on the final product, not much. The latest installment in the series feels like Rockstar ignored the work of others and continued down their own path to make things bigger and better. Can’t necessarily blame them for it, as this is another fine effort from the pioneers of the open world genre.
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Red Faction: Guerilla Impressions

The sensation of power that came with using Parker’s hammer for the first time was awesome. I don’t know what space age technology or magic is packed into it, but it breaks stuff really well. With it, you can topple any building in the game, which is probably a lot more fun than it should be. During the few hours I’ve put into the game, the most fun I had with it was though aimlessly traversing through Mars, while destroying every building I came across.

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Hands-On With Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

After the last two disappointing console releases, my perception of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is in the toilet. The series has hit the point of saturation where the annual release schedule not only wears me out, but the quality of the product suffers for it. In particular, Assassin’s Creed III was a buggy mess that still would have fallen short of the mark had it been bug-free.

I want to believe that a jump to next gen is the kick in the pants that this franchise needs, but so far, this doesn’t look like it.

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Early Red Dead Redemption Impressions

Of the big titles this generation that I had on my to-do list, Red Dead Redemption has stuck out like a sore thumb. Having won over 160 game of the year awards (according to the cover art of my game of the year edition), it’s one of those must-play titles that I just never made time for. Why? Well, partly because of my general aversion to long games, and partly because of my general aversion to anything western-themed. If it weren’t so critically acclaimed, I probably wouldn’t have made any time for it at all. Better late than never, right?

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