Warming Up to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The bar for fighting games in modern times is higher than ever.  From AAA efforts like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat 11, to indie titles like Skullgirls and Pocket Rumble, the genre is now packed with games that are built with smart combat mechanics, accessibility, depth, balance, and tournament viability in mind. Even licensed games like Dragon Ball FighterZ headlined the EVO main stage while outselling previous Dragon Ball fighting games by making a title that appealed to both fans of the show and the hardcore tournament crowd.

Though I’ve had my concerns about the upcoming Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid due to it being a licensed game and featuring mediocre graphics, the fact that Justin Wong was working on the game as a balance consultant gave me hope that this might not be a cash grab. After watching the game’s first live stream, I have more hope that this will reach the standard set by other competitive fighting games on the market.

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Justin Wong and jmcrofts with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Content I Need

The shelf-life for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will depend entirely my ability to “git gud”. I don’t have to be as good as Mango or HungryBox, but I want to get past the button-mashing stage and have the ability to approach and play the game with purpose. I wasn’t able to do it with Smash 4 due to the high difficulty curve of translating my traditional fighting game skills to this game, along with a lack of commitment to really push forward. But without another competitive game taking away my focus, maybe I’ll finally get there this time.

Helping me and others along the way are some great videos from traditional fighting game players Justin Wong and jmcrofts!

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Ultra Street Fighter IV battle: Rose (EG Justin Wong) vs Rose/Rolento (jettFTW)

Oh my goodness! It’s not every day you get an opportunity to fight the legendary Justin Wong. Having idolized him ever since I discovered the competitive fighting game scene, this was basically the equivalent of me playing Michael Jordan in one-on-one basketball. I’ve got my direct footage from my console above, though you can also watch our fights from Justin’s perspective. He talked some smack after that first match, but maybe he spoke too soon. 😉

jett vs jwongGG Justin! Thanks for the matches! I hope we can run it back to settle the score once and for all!

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Check Out My EVO 2013 Wrap-Up On Splitkick.com

EVO 2013 definitely brought the goods this year. If you missed out on the action, definitely hit YouTube and catch the replays. But first, check out my wrap-up on Splitkick!

Check Out the EVO 2013 Wrap-Up On Splitkick.com

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Come Back From a Huge Life Deficit

EVO moment #37 is to date, the most legendary fighting game moment of all-time. Odds are, even if you don’t actively follow the fighting game scene, you’ve seen the above video of Daigo, playing as Ken, making the most unbelievable comeback against Justin Wong’s Chun-Li, which ended with an unreal example of dexterity.

In this installment of the Universal Fighting Game Guide, let’s talk about the comebacks in fighting games. More specifically, tips to help you come back from a huge life deficit. We’ll use the classic EVO moment #37 video and the full match video to break down some overarching tips that you can use to turn the tides like Daigo did years ago.

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Canada Cup 2011 Fighting Game Tournament Starts Today!

Starting today, the Canada Cup 2011 fighting game tournament takes place in Calgary, Alberta. For you Calgary-based In Third Person readers who will be attending this event, or out-of-towners traveling in for this, I hope you have a blast. For us stream monsters, you can watch the stream for free here, or for $8.99, watch the stream ad-free in HD.

What makes this particular major fighting game tournament stand out from the rest is the inclusion of an international 5-on-5 team tournament, featuring 8 teams filled with top players from around the world. Credit where credit is due, it was my girlfriend Steff who first told me about the 5-on-5. With that tidbit of info, I would shortly forget it, find out about it again in the news, then tell Steff about the 5-on-5 as if she didn’t already tell me this. Whoops. In spite of my blunder, Steff is genuinely interested in watching the 5-on-5 tournament with me, which is super cool.

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EVO 2011 Story Lines

The biggest fighting game tournament in the world is only a week away. As a hardcore fighting game fan and stream monster, I can’t wait to sit in front of the computer all weekend to watch the scene’s best go at it all weekend long. If you’ve never watched a fighting game stream before, but have any interest in it, EVO 2011 is definitely the place to start.

If you do start here, you should know that this EVO tournament is actually the last tournament in the 2011 EVO season. A lot of drama has taken place between the start of the season and now. Unless you want to sit through hundreds of hours of tournament footage or read through much more comprehensive and better written recaps on the EVO tournament season, I can give you a primer on a few of the story lines surrounding EVO’s biggest games.

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The Canada Cup Begins Today

These last few weeks have been awesome for followers and players in the pro fighting game scene. We had Season’s Beatings a few weeks ago, SoCal Regionals and South Florida Challenge just last week and NorCal Regionals coming up next week. All of these events have (and will) feature the best fighting game talent from around the world, which has led to some amazing matches (and antics) for us to see.

Happening any minute now is the Canada Cup, which as far as I know, is the first major Canadian fighting game tournament. This one should be as big and entertaining as everything else the fighting game community has been spoiled with of late.

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Daigo Umehara Coming to Canada?


Ever since I began to seriously follow the fighting game scene, it’s been a dream of mine to face off against Daigo Umehara. Even though I think he’s light-years ahead of me in every way (as far as Street Fighter is concerned), I would be honoured to face-off against the Michael Jordan of Street Fighter.

Due to the huge resurgence of the fighting game scene and a recent announcement on Shoryuken.com, I may at the very least, get to watch Daigo in person.

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Get Hype! EVO 2010 Starts Today!

Last year was a monumental one for everyone involved in the Evolution fighting game tournament. Besides it being the debut of the massively-popular Street Fighter IV, it broke records for participants, attendance and for the first time ever, it was all viewable live to anyone with an Internet connection. EVO was no longer just the one YouTube clip of Daigo parrying all of Justin Wong’s super combo hits. Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in throughout the weekend to watch Daigo and company play out the fighting game magic. I was glued to my computer that entire weekend; watching arguably the best fighting game action I’d ever seen in my life. That tournament even went as far as inspiring me to level up my own skills.
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