Check Out My EVO 2013 Wrap-Up On

EVO 2013 definitely brought the goods this year. If you missed out on the action, definitely hit YouTube and catch the replays. But first, check out my wrap-up on Splitkick!

Check Out the EVO 2013 Wrap-Up On

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Come Back From a Huge Life Deficit

EVO moment #37 is to date, the most legendary fighting game moment of all-time. Odds are, even if you don’t actively follow the fighting game scene, you’ve seen the above video of Daigo, playing as Ken, making the most unbelievable comeback against Justin Wong’s Chun-Li, which ended with an unreal example of dexterity.

In this installment of the Universal Fighting Game Guide, let’s talk about the comebacks in fighting games. More specifically, tips to help you come back from a huge life deficit. We’ll use the classic EVO moment #37 video and the full match video to break down some overarching tips that you can use to turn the tides like Daigo did years ago.

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The Best of Sako Street Fighter IV Compilation

I have no shortage of idols when it comes to Street Fighter IV. However, when it comes to choosing my favourite Street Fighter IV player, that honour belongs to Sako. Thanks to his creativity, extremely offensive approach and his masterful execution, Sako is arguably the most exciting player to watch. I never get bored of watching Sako destroy his opponents in the most creative and technically challenging ways imaginable. I’d go as far as saying that watching Sako play as Cammy and Rose is the reason why I use them as my two main characters today.

Thanks to YouTube user AnomuraSe, you can now get the Coles notes video of why Sako rocks. This 20-minute Best of Sako video has some of the most incredible displays of offensive firepower ever caught on tape. Click through to watch the video! Also, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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EVO 2011 Story Lines

The biggest fighting game tournament in the world is only a week away. As a hardcore fighting game fan and stream monster, I can’t wait to sit in front of the computer all weekend to watch the scene’s best go at it all weekend long. If you’ve never watched a fighting game stream before, but have any interest in it, EVO 2011 is definitely the place to start.

If you do start here, you should know that this EVO tournament is actually the last tournament in the 2011 EVO season. A lot of drama has taken place between the start of the season and now. Unless you want to sit through hundreds of hours of tournament footage or read through much more comprehensive and better written recaps on the EVO tournament season, I can give you a primer on a few of the story lines surrounding EVO’s biggest games.

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Get Hype! EVO 2010 Starts Today!

Last year was a monumental one for everyone involved in the Evolution fighting game tournament. Besides it being the debut of the massively-popular Street Fighter IV, it broke records for participants, attendance and for the first time ever, it was all viewable live to anyone with an Internet connection. EVO was no longer just the one YouTube clip of Daigo parrying all of Justin Wong’s super combo hits. Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in throughout the weekend to watch Daigo and company play out the fighting game magic. I was glued to my computer that entire weekend; watching arguably the best fighting game action I’d ever seen in my life. That tournament even went as far as inspiring me to level up my own skills.
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