10 Ways in Which Street Fighter IV Failed

Street Fighter IV, without a doubt, is my favourite game of all-time. Having literally dedicated thousands of hours to playing it, deconstructing it and building myself up to be the greatest world warrior I could be over the last six years, the race for #1 game in my heart wasn’t even close. Even if the game is eventually surpassed by something else, I’ll never shake the profound effect its had on my life.

It may reign as my favourite game, but it’s certainly not a perfect one. In the wake of the Street Fighter V beta, the flaws of its predecessor glare brighter than ever. Before we let it retire with its rightfully-deserved legendary status, let’s lovingly pick the game apart for its flaws with this list of 10 ways in which Street Fighter IV failed.

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World Warrior Diary: My Recent Chronicles of Super Street Fighter IV Tragedy and Triumph

I still reflect back on my experience at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships. As a serious fighting game player, it’s hard not to reflect back on the things that went well and the things that didn’t at the biggest tournament of my life to date. In particular, I came out of T12 really disappointed with my performance in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Sure, I got embarrassed by Chi Rithy (pictured above) on the Team Spooky stream for thousands to see, but my saltiness coming out of that event was more deeply rooted than that. Despite the fact that I’ve played over 1,000 hours of Street Fighter IV since 2009, I felt like I was one of the weakest Street Fighter competitors there based on the level of play I saw and my poor Street Fighter record on that day.

That experience was enough to reinvigorate my interest in Street Fighter IV and my desire to be the best I can be.

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Character Diary – My Experience With Fei Long in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

My curiousity to learn every nook and cranny of relating to the Street Fighter IV series of fighting games knows no bounds. I’ve written dozens of posts on the series in the past, and have started doing deeper dives into the nuts and bolts of the game. Most recently, I wrote about my recent experience of trying to master the art of ‘plinking’, a technique that helps players combo together moves with very tight timing windows. I’m still practicing this technique every time I play, and I’m slowly starting to see the dividends in using it.

Of late, I’ve also been experimenting with character selection. My most recent pet project has been Fei Long, whom I’ve been practicing with for the last few weeks. My analysis here isn’t meant to be expert analysis or a substitute for any number of guides available online, but to simply act as a place for me to discuss my experiences and feelings towards the character.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is Getting a Free Balance Patch This Year

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition has been a huge disappointment for me. While most casual players won’t notice much of a difference to the core game from what’s found in the previous two iterations of Street Fighter IV, competitive players have been crying foul about Arcade Edition’s character balance since its launch in late 2010. I didn’t get my hands on it until early June, but it didn’t take me long to notice that their vision to intentionally unbalance Arcade Edition did not jive with what I wanted out of the game. Because of my bitterness around Capcom breaking what I felt wasn’t broken, I lost interest in playing Street Fighter IV competitively.

It looks like I wasn’t alone in this view, as Capcom has recently announced that they’re going to do something about it.

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In Third Person Quick Hits: May 17 2011 Edition

Hello, friends!

There’s a lot of gaming-related stuff I want to talk about, but not enough time to write it all down into well thought-out and extended posts. Instead of falling behind the times, I thought I’d try and tackle the stuff I wanted to talk about in small, concise chunks.

If this format works out and is something you’d like to see more of, I’ll try it again. Hope you enjoy!

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Super Street Fighter IV Announcement Trailer Leaked


Ninjas have hijacked Capcom’s secrets yet again. Though it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Street Fighter, an announcement trailer for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming to consoles hit the internet earlier today.

While the original YouTube video has since been pulled, there are other places where you can find the actual video. Or you can click through to see what the trailer revealed!

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In Third Person’s Newbie Buyer’s Guide to Arcade Fightsticks

Over the last few weeks, the traffic to my arcade fighstick posts have skyrocketed. With Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hitting store shelves, it appears as though you’re all looking for as much fightstick information as possible before you spend your hard-earned cash on a new fighting game weapon of choice.

As a public service to you (and as something I would find fun to write), I’ve put together a newbie buyer’s guide that covers my knowledge of arcade fightsticks. This post features some general things you should know, mini-reviews to a few of the major fightsticks on the market and links to my older posts where I go into more detail on each product. I’m by no means a fightstick connoisseur, but I do own a bunch of them and spend a ton of time using them.

If you’d like to learn more, click through to the rest of this post!

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Super Street Fighter IV: A Change of Heart


When it comes to the Street Fighter IV series, Akuma has been my main man. I’ve played over 300 hours of that game using him as my guy. I know the ins and outs to make him work, and all of the weaknesses others can exploit to beat him. I worked my way up to one of the top 300 Akuma players on XBOX Live in North America. He was even my go-to character when I won my first tournament match at Fan Expo.

Since that tournament though, I’ve been exploring my options. I’ve been dabbling with other characters. After a lot of practice and soul searching, I think it’s time I had a change of heart.

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Jett Vs. Episode 4 – Trapped


Welcome to episode 3 of Jett Vs., a series of blog posts where I post one of my Super Street Fighter IV match videos and analyze it for your viewing and reading pleasure.

If for some reason you’ve been hotly anticipating the day when I’d post a video of myself losing, you’re in luck. Not only do I take an L, but I go down in flames.

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