10 Ways in Which Street Fighter IV Failed

Street Fighter IV, without a doubt, is my favourite game of all-time. Having literally dedicated thousands of hours to playing it, deconstructing it and building myself up to be the greatest world warrior I could be over the last six years, the race for #1 game in my heart wasn’t even close. Even if the game is eventually surpassed by something else, I’ll never shake the profound effect its had on my life.

It may reign as my favourite game, but it’s certainly not a perfect one. In the wake of the Street Fighter V beta, the flaws of its predecessor glare brighter than ever. Before we let it retire with its rightfully-deserved legendary status, let’s lovingly pick the game apart for its flaws with this list of 10 ways in which Street Fighter IV failed.

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: The Don’ts (and Do’s) of Flowcharting


Poor Ken Masters. As a character, his capabilities are fairly standard issue. However, the sight of Ken is enough to induce a groan from even the most casual Street Fighter fans. It has nothing to do with the character himself, but rather the player using him. There’s a good reason why the term “Flowchart Ken” exists.

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Jett’s Adventures into Linking and ‘Plinking’ With Street Fighter IV

If you’ve ever played Super Street Fighter IV’s trial mode, then odds are you’ve run into the type of challenge displayed above. After the challenge mode covers each character’s special moves, they go into a section on link combos. Pictured above is Cammy’s level 8 trial, which asks you to combo crouching hard punch into crouching medium kick. For the uninitiated, this seems like something that would be very easy to do. After hours of switching from character-to-character to see if these would get any easier, I gave up in frustration. I thought I was the worst Street Fighter player of all-time for not being able to make two button presses combo into each other. However, as I started to investigate, it turns out there’s a lot more to this than simply hitting two buttons in succession.

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Understanding Combo Systems Part 1 – The Elements


If you’ve ever had any sort of interest in fighting games, you’ve probably stumbled across a combo video or two. They’re very cool to watch, and you may have even taken it upon yourself to be as good as the person in the video by going to a guide and learning how to read an execute something like this from BlazBlue:

214D -> B (FC), 623D, dash, 3C xx 236236B, 214D -> C, 5C 2C 4D -> D, [j.C x n] [dj.C x n] xx j.214B – 50% Heat

While you may be tempted to learn the big fancy combos the moment you start playing a new fighting game, it’s not the best way to level yourself up. Mastering the physical execution of big combos is nice, but learning the big combos without knowing the context behind them first is like trying to run without learning how to walk. This is post 1 in a two-part mini-series about understanding combo systems. Part 1 will deal with the elements that make up most combo systems, while part 2 will discuss how to put context to those elements to shape your offensive capabilities. Let’s get moving with part 1!

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In Third Person Quick Hits: May 17 2011 Edition

Hello, friends!

There’s a lot of gaming-related stuff I want to talk about, but not enough time to write it all down into well thought-out and extended posts. Instead of falling behind the times, I thought I’d try and tackle the stuff I wanted to talk about in small, concise chunks.

If this format works out and is something you’d like to see more of, I’ll try it again. Hope you enjoy!

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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Review

Despite my recent Marvel vs. Capcom 3 binging, the Street Fighter IV series will always have a special place in my heart (and in my wallet). I still enjoy playing the games, and did not hesitate to purchase this version with my new Nintendo 3DS. As much as I love the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, it’s still just a sampling of the real deal.

From what I’ve heard of the Nintendo 3DS version, this was a much closer representation of the console experience. But does this game hold up for me as a hardcore Street Fighter IV player?

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Super Street Fighter IV: A Change of Heart


When it comes to the Street Fighter IV series, Akuma has been my main man. I’ve played over 300 hours of that game using him as my guy. I know the ins and outs to make him work, and all of the weaknesses others can exploit to beat him. I worked my way up to one of the top 300 Akuma players on XBOX Live in North America. He was even my go-to character when I won my first tournament match at Fan Expo.

Since that tournament though, I’ve been exploring my options. I’ve been dabbling with other characters. After a lot of practice and soul searching, I think it’s time I had a change of heart.

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Jett Vs. Episode 4 – Trapped


Welcome to episode 3 of Jett Vs., a series of blog posts where I post one of my Super Street Fighter IV match videos and analyze it for your viewing and reading pleasure.

If for some reason you’ve been hotly anticipating the day when I’d post a video of myself losing, you’re in luck. Not only do I take an L, but I go down in flames.

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Jett vs. BLACKHAWKxDOWN in Super Street Fighter IV

Hardcore followers of the Street Fighter IV community have no doubt seen this video. This is the clip that put DarkSydePhil on the map as a voice in the community, and also the video that exposed XBOX Live user BLACKHAWKxDOWN for his flowchart style and his dubious manipulation of the rules to his advantage.

To my surprise, I found BLACKHAWKxDOWN on XBOX Live yesterday, who was hosting ranked matches on his end. I joined his lobby and his signature Ken faced off against my Rose. Was I able to do what DarkSydePhil didn’t do on that fateful day?

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Jett Vs. Episode 3: Epic Comeback

Welcome to episode 3 of Jett Vs., a series of blog posts where I post one of my Super Street Fighter IV match videos and analyze it for your viewing and reading pleasure. This series has been on hiatus for a while because, well, no one cared for this feature and I have the analytics to back that sentiment up.

However, I couldn’t help but share this one particular match with you. If you care to check it out, click through and see the rest of this post.

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