Coming Soon – Valentine’s Day Massacre Jett vs. Steff in Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Last year on In Third Person, Steff and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a cute post where she recommended games that are great for couples to play together. This year, we took the next logical step. On February 14, 2012, Steff and I will be battling to the death in Deadliest Warrior: Legends, because nothing is more romantic than William Wallace severing your limbs with a giant sword. You can watch the blood, sweat and saltiness right here on In Third Person!

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Understanding Combo Systems Part 1 – The Elements


If you’ve ever had any sort of interest in fighting games, you’ve probably stumbled across a combo video or two. They’re very cool to watch, and you may have even taken it upon yourself to be as good as the person in the video by going to a guide and learning how to read an execute something like this from BlazBlue:

214D -> B (FC), 623D, dash, 3C xx 236236B, 214D -> C, 5C 2C 4D -> D, [j.C x n] [dj.C x n] xx j.214B – 50% Heat

While you may be tempted to learn the big fancy combos the moment you start playing a new fighting game, it’s not the best way to level yourself up. Mastering the physical execution of big combos is nice, but learning the big combos without knowing the context behind them first is like trying to run without learning how to walk. This is post 1 in a two-part mini-series about understanding combo systems. Part 1 will deal with the elements that make up most combo systems, while part 2 will discuss how to put context to those elements to shape your offensive capabilities. Let’s get moving with part 1!

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Girlfriend Gaming – We Play Deadliest Warrior: The Game

Two of the biggest disparities between between Steff and I’s personal interests are television and fighting games. She’s a pretty big television fan, and she has a number of shows she regularly watches every week. As for myself, I’ve been actively avoiding watching television for over a decade now, due to a combination of my interest in the internet and my disinterest in television programming. Meanwhile, I play fighting games almost daily, but she’s reluctant to join me for Street Fighter or Marvel, because she doesn’t like the concept of having to study how to play a game before you can even have a chance of winning. I don’t hold that against her, as this is the most common reason why people do not play games in this genre.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game, on paper, sounds like the ultimate middle ground for us. It’s a fighting game about a show we like to watch together, and from what I heard initially heard, a fighting game engine she could enjoy without her feeling like she needed a Ph. D in the game in order to get anything out of it. This game has been out for a few months now (with a sequel on the way), and so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already formed your own opinions about this game by now. However, if you’d like to hear if Deadliest Warrior: The Game brought us closer together or further apart, check out the rest of this post!

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