Coming Soon – Valentine’s Day Massacre Jett vs. Steff in Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Last year on In Third Person, Steff and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a cute post where she recommended games that are great for couples to play together. This year, we took the next logical step. On February 14, 2012, Steff and I will be battling to the death in Deadliest Warrior: Legends, because nothing is more romantic than William Wallace severing your limbs with a giant sword. You can watch the blood, sweat and saltiness right here on In Third Person!

Going into this match, none of my fighting game experience has prepared me for Steff’s wrath in the Deadliest Warrior series. She bodied me every time in the original game and the trend has continued in the sequel. However, with my pride on the line, am I going to let her kick my butt on video for the world to see? Not if I can help it.

Come back on February 14th to see if I get to keep my manhood or if Steff will humiliate me in front of everyone!

If you haven’t played either entry in the Deadliest Warrior series, you can try the free demos through XBOX Live and PlayStation Network. I believe they’re $10 each if you wanted to download them. Having played both, they’re fairly decent entry-level fighting games that are great if you find stuff like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to be a bit much. You should also know that 345 Games released both games on one handy disc. If you’re looking for a bundle with both games and all of the DLC, you can pick up Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat right here through Simply use the handy links below:

Buy Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Now From

See More at the In Third Person Store

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