Girlfriend Gaming – Wonderbook: Book of Spells

Steff is the biggest Harry Potter fan I know. She’s read all the books. She owns all of the movies. She’s brought me to platform 9 3/4 in England. She can even claim that the actor that plays Draco Malfoy was totally checking her out when they met for a photo-op a few years back at Fan Expo. I’m still a bit bitter about that last part, but I digress.

When we saw Wonderbook: Book of Spells at Sony’s E3 2012 press conference, she made it clear to me that this was something she needed to play someday. Having been a good girl this year, she received it from Santa for Christmas. Though I didn’t play much of it myself, I did watch her play a bunch of it. Was it as magical of an experience as its source material would imply?

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Rayman Origins Review

For much of Rayman’s life, he’s suffered from an identity crisis. After his stunning debut outing, Super Mario 64 seemingly made 2D platformers obsolete. Ubisoft felt obligated to move Rayman into the third dimension, which led to a string of mediocre 3D platformers. Eventually, Rayman would find his name slapped on the Raving Rabbids mini-game collections, where he ultimately got out-shined by his insane rabbit compadres.

With seemingly nowhere else to go with the franchise, Ubisoft takes him back to his 2D platforming roots with Rayman Origins. Within minutes of playing this reboot, it’s clear that he never should have left.

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Off-Topic: Adventures in Apartment Hunting Part 2

After our first two appointments, particularly the second one, Steff and I were feeling pretty low about our search. While there are always hundreds of apartment listings available in the area we were looking for, the two we thought were great didn’t live up to our expectations and we were concerned that things wouldn’t get better.

For our next two appointments, we decided to check out some condos. Would we have better luck with the condos than we did with the houses?

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Off-Topic: Adventures in Apartment Hunting Part 1

Dorothy once clicked the heels of her red shoes and said, “There’s no place like home”. For almost a year now, Steff and I have been talking about find our own place that together we could call home. Over the past month or so, we’ve taken the next step and have been actively apartment hunting. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. After looking through hundreds of apartment listings between the two of us (more her than I to her credit), we booked appointments and made our way out to places we thought we could call home. The results? Click through to find out!

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Valentine’s Day Massacre – Jett vs. Steff in Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!111

Let’s get this Valentine’s Day Massacre going! Do I get to keep my manhood or does the Daigo of Deadliest Warrior kick my butt yet again? Click through to watch Jett vs. Steff compete in a first-to-five set in Deadliest Warrior: Legends!

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Coming Soon – Valentine’s Day Massacre Jett vs. Steff in Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Last year on In Third Person, Steff and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a cute post where she recommended games that are great for couples to play together. This year, we took the next logical step. On February 14, 2012, Steff and I will be battling to the death in Deadliest Warrior: Legends, because nothing is more romantic than William Wallace severing your limbs with a giant sword. You can watch the blood, sweat and saltiness right here on In Third Person!

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Girlfriend Gaming: Steff’s Pick for Game of the Year 2011

And I’m back! Happy 2012 everyone!

Before we leave the subject of Game of the Year, I thought I’d share Steff’s vote for Game of the Year. Her pick for Game of the Year 2011 is…

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Girlfriend Gaming – We Play Deadliest Warrior: The Game

Two of the biggest disparities between between Steff and I’s personal interests are television and fighting games. She’s a pretty big television fan, and she has a number of shows she regularly watches every week. As for myself, I’ve been actively avoiding watching television for over a decade now, due to a combination of my interest in the internet and my disinterest in television programming. Meanwhile, I play fighting games almost daily, but she’s reluctant to join me for Street Fighter or Marvel, because she doesn’t like the concept of having to study how to play a game before you can even have a chance of winning. I don’t hold that against her, as this is the most common reason why people do not play games in this genre.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game, on paper, sounds like the ultimate middle ground for us. It’s a fighting game about a show we like to watch together, and from what I heard initially heard, a fighting game engine she could enjoy without her feeling like she needed a Ph. D in the game in order to get anything out of it. This game has been out for a few months now (with a sequel on the way), and so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already formed your own opinions about this game by now. However, if you’d like to hear if Deadliest Warrior: The Game brought us closer together or further apart, check out the rest of this post!

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Girlfriend Gaming: Bop It on the iPhone Review

My girlfriend Steff is really good at Bop It. I should further qualify that statement by saying that Steff is not 8 years old. All kidding aside, it was one of her favourite toys growing up and she’s still good at it today. Having used a Bop It in the last few months, I’m lucky if I can score 40, while she can hit 100 in her sleep.

Being the loving boyfriend that I am, I gifted her Bop It on the iPhone shortly after it came out. Did it meet my Bop It champion’s standards?

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Valentine’s Day Special: Steff’s Top 5 Video Games for Couples to Play Together


For the last few days, I’ve been struggling to come up with a topic to write about for Valentine’s Day. I’m no stranger to writing about the relationship between love and video games, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with a Valentine’s Day special. Short on ideas, I turned to my girlfriend Steff for inspiration.

Instead of just giving me an idea, she kind of made the whole thing. She came up a list of her top 5 video games for couples to play together, and we talked through each of her choices, which I’ve included in this post. Without further ado, here are Steff’s choices for the top 5 video games for couples to play together.

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