Mystery Date: Catfished Review

From Monopoly: Millennial Edition to Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis, Hasbro has been updating its classic board games with parody versions meant to appeal to young adults in modern times. One game in the series that I couldn’t pass up was Mystery Date: Catfished. Putting an online dating spin to the legacy title, will you swipe right on your future soulmate?

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DropMix Review

Always at the forefront of music and rhythm games, Harmonix teams up with Hasbro for DropMix. This innovative card game aims to give you unprecedented control over music, allowing you to mix-and-match bits of different songs in order to create intricate mashups and mixes without any prerequisite skill in music. Beyond its free-form mixing mode, DropMix comes equipped with multiple game modes that provide structure to the experience.

Does its music-mixing tech work as advertised? Do its modes of play add value to the experience? And should you take the plunge for DropMix and its expansions?

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Girlfriend Gaming: Bop It on the iPhone Review

My girlfriend Steff is really good at Bop It. I should further qualify that statement by saying that Steff is not 8 years old. All kidding aside, it was one of her favourite toys growing up and she’s still good at it today. Having used a Bop It in the last few months, I’m lucky if I can score 40, while she can hit 100 in her sleep.

Being the loving boyfriend that I am, I gifted her Bop It on the iPhone shortly after it came out. Did it meet my Bop It champion’s standards?

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