Florence Review (Nintendo Switch Version)

The story of two hearts colliding is one that’s explored to great effect in virtually every medium. Except gaming. For numerous reasons, the medium has been slow to create experiences around the themes of love and romance beyond more juvenile dating simulators or bolting on elements of romantic relationships into established genres. As much as I love headshots, juggle combos, and stacking blocks, I’ve always felt like there was a whole world of possibilities that could arise when combining the interactive elements of gaming with the themes of love and romance.

Originally released on mobile in 2018, Florence takes a clever approach to bringing a love story to life within the boundaries of gaming. Though I meant to play it at the time, I didn’t get around to it until it was released on the Nintendo Switch in February 2020. The experience of playing through it has weighed heavily on my heart ever since.

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Today is Pokemon Go Community Day Featuring Dratini!

Last month, Niantic began their monthly series of Pokemon Go Community Day events with a special edition Pikachu featuring Surf as a quick attack. This time, starting at 2pm EST and ending at 5pm EST, Dratini will be the special Pokemon made readily available.

If you don’t have a Dragonite yet, today is the day to hit the parks and collect as many Dratini as you can! Even if you do have one, it never hurts to have more!

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50 Gen 3 Pokemon and a New Weather System Coming Soon for Pokemon Go

Weeks after Gen 3 made its subtle debut as part of the Halloween event, 50 more Pokemon from the Hoenn region will soon be making their debuts in Pokemon Go. This includes Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. It will also introduce a dynamic weather system to the game that will impact in-game activity based on what’s happening in your immediate surroundings.

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Mewtwo is the Next Legendary Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go!

First spotted as a level five raid boss as part of the Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan, Mewtwo will be coming soon to raids worldwide! Despite receiving a nerf before its release, Mewtwo still appears to be a force to be reckoned with. However, it won’t come easy, as it’s being introduced as part of a new exclusive raid mechanic.

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Pokemon Go: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago, Niantic and the Pokemon Company unleashed Pokemon Go onto the Earth. It became a supernova of a game that everyone was talking about and playing. Then, almost as quickly as it arrived, it fizzled out. While the game will never hit the highs of its early days, it still has a large and loyal following, including yours truly.

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Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is Headed to iOS This Summer

The Street Fighter IV series on iOS is actually legit. Featuring a smart control scheme that mapped special moves to a single button, players got a mobile-friendly version of the game while maintaining most of the game’s deep gameplay. However, after the 2011 release of Street Fighter IV Volt, Capcom simply left the series behind.

Until now. Gamespot reports that Street Fighter IV Champion Edition will come out on iOS this summer.
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The Release of Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go Adds More Than Just New Creatures

After many months of anticipation, Niantic unleashed the Gen 2 Johto Pokemon into the wild in Pokemon Go. While many players rushed back to the game in order to catch the new ones, they may have noticed a number of other changes made to the game at the same time.

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Fire Emblem: Heroes Impressions

Many years ago, I played a game on iOS called War of Eustrath. It was in essence, Fire Emblem with mechs. While I had fun with it for what it was, it ultimately just made me long for the day when a true Fire Emblem experience would appear on iOS. It only took seven years, but better late than ever, right?

Nintendo’s marquee tactical RPG finally makes its debut on mobile phones with Fire Emblem: Heroes. Unlike Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, this one is built on a very traditional mobile game monetization model. Is this worth the grind or your hard earned money?

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport is gateway to the city. Thousands of people fly in every day from the world over. If you’re from outside of North America, the urge might be high to pull out Pokemon Go and catch a Tauros before you even leave the airport. Well, it might technically be possible, but don’t hold your breath.

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Queen’s Park

Opened in 1860, Queen’s Park was named after Queen Victoria. This park in the city is home to the Ontario Legislative Assembly, as well as the University of Toronto. Even if you’re not a student or a member of the government, you’ll want to visit the grounds to check out all of the statues and play some Pokemon Go.

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