The Spider-Verse Swings Into the Basement! February 2020 Gaming Decor Patch Notes

With this being the month of Valentine’s Day, it would have been a perfect opportunity to lean into the theme of romance somehow. Instead, I picked stuff on a whim and ended up with a bunch of Spider-Verse paraphernalia. Happy February!

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My Favourite Free-to-Play Games

My crippling addiction to Dr. Mario World has reignited my internal debate about the merits of free-to-play games. While I grew up in a world where you either dropped quarters into an arcade machine or bought a cartridge to play the full game, I understand now that games have always been driven by the business models behind them. Free-to-play is just another permutation of that, and it’s up to me how much I want to engage with that. With Google Stadia and 5G looming, streaming may add yet another approach to monetizing games.

Though I generally prefer to buy my games outright, there have been a few free-to-play games that really sunk their teeth into me. Here are a few of my free-to-play faves!

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Hands-On with PvP in Pokemon Go

It’s been an incredibly long wait, but Pokemon Go finally has PvP battles! Having played a few matches and poked my head around the game’s new systems, let’s discuss how it works, my thought on its current implementation, and where the system could go from here!

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Transferring Pokemon Between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee

I am a mainline Pokemon scrub. Having only previously played Pokemon X and Pokemon Ultra Moon, I stumbled through both of those games with the handful of Pokemon I caught along the way. I was nowhere near close to finishing up my Pokedex in either.

In the world of Pokemon Go, it’s a different story. Having played religiously every day since launch, I’m a max level trainer with over 1,100 high-level-high-IV Pokemon in storage. With PvP just around the corner, I’m ready to scrap with anyone!

These two worlds collide in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee. Once you hit Fuchsia City, you unlock the ability to transfer your Pokemon Go buddies into Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee. I just got there and I’m standing outside the building where the transfer takes place. I can send over a complete Pokedex full of high-IV Pokemon right now. But do I want to?

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Trading, In-Game Friends Lists and Gifting are Coming to Pokemon Go


Years after its 2016 launch, Pokemon Go is about to receive one of its most requested features: trading. This is actually part of a larger update that implements a whole new friend system with gifts and other bonuses for playing together!

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Quests and Mew Are Being Added to Pokemon Go

The latest update to Pokemon Go gives trainers a new way to play!

Quests are coming to the game in the form of research tasks. Standard Field Research gives you objectives to complete when you spin PokeStops, granting you rewards when you complete them. Special Research are requests that come from Professor Willow himself, which will probably include super special rewards. Beyond receiving items as prizes, Niantic’s post also makes mention of being able to encounter legendary Pokemon, and even the mythical Mew.

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Pokemon Go in the Suburbs

One of the fundamental challenges that can impact your enjoyment of Pokemon Go is that not all parts of the world are created equal. As someone who lived in the city and worked in the downtown core, I was blessed with a plentiful number of Pokestops to refill on supplies and gyms to conquer. However, a little while back, I moved to the suburbs and was temporarily working from home. Cut off from the rich resources of the city for an extended period of time, it gave me a new perspective on how many other people see the game.

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Pokemon Go’s February Community Event Featuring Dratini Was Awesome!

The first of Niantic’s Pokemon Go Community Day events starred Pikachu. While this particular Pikachu featured Surf as a new charge attack, as well as a rare shiny variant, the frequency at which we see the electric rodent already kind of deflated the potential hype this event concept could provide. February did not have such a problem. Its featured Pokemon was the seldom seen and highly lucrative Dratini. Hype levels were at an all-time high and Niantic didn’t disappoint.

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Today is Pokemon Go Community Day Featuring Dratini!

Last month, Niantic began their monthly series of Pokemon Go Community Day events with a special edition Pikachu featuring Surf as a quick attack. This time, starting at 2pm EST and ending at 5pm EST, Dratini will be the special Pokemon made readily available.

If you don’t have a Dragonite yet, today is the day to hit the parks and collect as many Dratini as you can! Even if you do have one, it never hurts to have more!

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Let’s Talk About the EX Raid Pass System in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a game that is constantly evolving. What it is today is significantly better than the game that launched in the summer of 2016, there’s still much work to be done. As of writing, we still don’t have trading or PvP, features that were promised well over a year ago. We’ll discuss those another time, but what I really wanted to talk about is the controversial EX Raid system. If you want a shot at catching the infamous Mewtwo, you’re going to have to obtain one, which has proven to be easier said than done for many.

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