Shiny Absol and an EX Raid Pass Cap Off A Crazy 24 Hours of Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go may not be the subject for most of my posts nowadays, but it’s still a game that I play every day on my quest to catch ’em all. It’s been a wild 24 hours, as two of the game’s most prestigious events happen to shake my way.

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50 Gen 3 Pokemon and a New Weather System Coming Soon for Pokemon Go

Weeks after Gen 3 made its subtle debut as part of the Halloween event, 50 more Pokemon from the Hoenn region will soon be making their debuts in Pokemon Go. This includes Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. It will also introduce a dynamic weather system to the game that will impact in-game activity based on what’s happening in your immediate surroundings.

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Mewtwo is the Next Legendary Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go!

First spotted as a level five raid boss as part of the Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan, Mewtwo will be coming soon to raids worldwide! Despite receiving a nerf before its release, Mewtwo still appears to be a force to be reckoned with. However, it won’t come easy, as it’s being introduced as part of a new exclusive raid mechanic.

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Our First Legendary Pokemon Go Run

Not long after the disaster that was Pokemon Go Fest concluded, Niantic unleashed the legendary birds Lugia and Articuno on gyms all over the world. While it sucks that those in Chicago got burned by cellphone carrier overloads and server errors, the Toronto experience seemed to be unaffected. The following morning, my wife, mother-in-law and I head out on a quest to catch these new Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago, Niantic and the Pokemon Company unleashed Pokemon Go onto the Earth. It became a supernova of a game that everyone was talking about and playing. Then, almost as quickly as it arrived, it fizzled out. While the game will never hit the highs of its early days, it still has a large and loyal following, including yours truly.

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The Release of Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go Adds More Than Just New Creatures

After many months of anticipation, Niantic unleashed the Gen 2 Johto Pokemon into the wild in Pokemon Go. While many players rushed back to the game in order to catch the new ones, they may have noticed a number of other changes made to the game at the same time.

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Pokemon Go Plus Review

Pokemon Go PlusFor a game designed to get players exploring the world around them, Pokemon Go is quite the attention hog. It forces you to travel the world while your face is buried in the screen, either catching Pokemon, fighting in gyms, or eyeing for upcoming PokeStops as you walk down the street. Futhermore, since you can’t run the game in the background of your phone, it’s an all-consuming experience that stops you from performing other tasks while destroying your battery.

Pokemon Go Plus was designed to alleviate these issues. Off the strength of its one-button interface, it aims to take your attention away from the screen and onto your surroundings, allowing you to live your life while playing the game in a more passive manner. Is this highly sought after peripheral worth tracking down?

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My 2016 Game of the Year Is…

Years ago, I stopped declaring a game of the year. After 2012, my gaming habits changed in a way where I didn’t really have a comprehensive enough view of the gaming landscape to make such a proclamation. Technically, the same could be said about my year of gaming in 2016, as I can count on my fingers the number of games I played seriously.

What makes this year different is that there is one game this year that really carved out a place in my heart that deserves a shout-out. Was it Street Fighter V? Fire Emblem: Fates? Or something from out of the blue that completely caught me by surprise?

My 2016 game of the year is…

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What I Got for Christmas 2016 Edition

Took a few minutes to showcase some of the great gifts I got this Christmas. What cool things did you get?

In case you’re wondering, the Street Fighter art came from

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Latest Pokemon Go Update Marks the Beginning of Gen 2 and a Limited Edition Pikachu

After much speculation, Niantic has finally revealed the next major update to Pokemon Go. First and foremost, Pichu, Togepi and the other baby Pokemon are in the game, though you can only obtain them through eggs. The other news is that for a limited time, you can catch a limited-edition holiday Pikachu that’s wearing a Santa hat.

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