Watch the Throne! I Got a New DXRacer RW106 Racing Series Gaming Chair!

My past chair was in a bad spot. After years of faithful service, it broke down. The derriere cushion had worn out, which I tried to augment with a memory foam cushion on top. Then the back of the chair gave out. It hurt to sit, which is not a good thing to experience when I sit at my desk for 50+ hours per week.

For this go-around, I decided to treat myself. Went over to Staples and treated myself to a DXRacer chair. Check it out!

The chair comes in a large box. Everything is neatly packed within. Much of the chair is already built. You only really need to screw in a few bolts and you’re golden.

Fully built, this chair looks sleek. It uses a mix of mesh and PU leather around its cushioning. Much of the chair is contoured for the body, from its raised back that hugs around the shoulders, to the lumbar and neck support pillows that help align the spine.

Admittedly, as someone whose never had these types of features in a chair before, the experience of sitting in a chair like this is a bit jarring. The butt cushioning is great, but aligning my back to the right posture feels odd. If this is what it takes to properly stretch out my back, so be it.

As bonus features, the chair leans back very far. Not quite flat, but you’re essentially lying down and could take a nap in it. Furthermore, the armrests raise, lower, and pivot in a plethora of ways that feel a little overkill.

Brand name gaming chairs oftentimes don’t come cheap. The DXRacer is no exception. That said, there’s a cheaper variation of this chair that runs a bit smaller in size, doesn’t feature any PU leather, and uses simpler arm rests.

Do you need a top-tier gaming chair in order to be the best at Fortnite or appear like a legitimate streamer? Absolutely not. You can probably get a less trendy but equally comfortable chair for a cheaper price. Where possible, prioritize comfort over style. But if it’s gotta be a gaming chair, I’m enjoying my DXRacer RW106 Racing Series chair so far.

Buy a Gaming Chair Now From (sorry, Amazon doesn’t sell DXRacing chairs)

[Purchasing through this Amazon affiliate link gives me a small commission without adding any extra cost or effort to you. Thanks for your support!]

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