Lost Cities on iPhone Review

Lost Cities on iOS is the adaptation of the Lost Cities physical card game. In it, two players compete to create the best routes to five different ancient civilizations by playing numbered cards in ascending order. In short, it’s like an awesome version of head-to-head Solitaire that I’m completely smitten by.

Ports of board games to mobile devices have generally gotten better over time, though there are still no shortage of duds out there. Going into this, I would have been devastated if this port of a game I adored sucked. Does Lost Cities successfully make the jump?

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Camel Up for iOS Review

Camel Up is an award-winning board game from Steffen Bogen and Z-Man Games. Though my hype for the physical game has cooled with time, I still think that it’s a novel and entertaining title with the right people at the table. This time, it makes the digital jump on iOS platforms. Well, to be more precise, it crawls to the iOS in a sad and sorry state.

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Out Today: Splendor on iOS

One of my favourite board games of 2014 is out today on iOS! Splendor is a game where gem merchants are working towards building their empire. The theme is actually inconsequential to the whole thing, as it’s really about using gems to buy gem cards, and then a combination of gem and gem cards to get victory points. Yes, that sounds dull, but the mechanics are so tight and engaging that it’s easy to fall in love with and one that can stay on regular rotation for a long time. Expect a review from me on this soon!

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Qwirkle on iOS Review

Qwirkle is the more popular and award winning precursor to Iota, a game I reviewed not too long ago. They share a similar premise and more or less the same strengths and faults. However, I can’t play Iota on my iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, Qwirkle is readily available on iTunes. Wanting more of this style of gameplay on the go, I gave Qwirkle on iOS a shot.

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Blokus on iOS Review

If memory serves me well, I’m pretty sure Blokus was one of the first board games to make the jump to iOS. Despite all of the positive things I heard about it, I never bothered to give it a chance until I played and bought the physical game. At first, I downloaded the free version to try it out and was immediately put off by the ad implementation. I understand the need to include ads to subsidize a free version of the game, but the full-screen video ads that would interrupt my game every three moves or so are obnoxious. Instead, I put down the $1.99 to play uninterrupted.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPhone Impressions

2K raised some eyebrows (mine included) when they announced a port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS. I love that game, but how the heck were they going to make it work on those devices? Well after the fact, I found out that it works pretty well.

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Pocket Tanks Deluxe: The Battle For Subway Supremacy

(Download Pocket Tanks For iPhone)

My first encounter with Pocket Tanks occurred in 2001. I was in high school computer programming class and one of my friends asked me to come over to his computer and play against him. I don’t remember why we had enough time to get in a few matches instead of actually writing code, but that’s moot at this point. Years later, I picked up the free version on a whim because why not?

While it sat on my phone for years collecting cyber dust, the game became the focal point of my afternoon commute when my office moved downtown.

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Campaign: The Game Review

By night, I am a video games writer for In Third Person, and Splitkick. By day, I work as a project manager in the advertising industry. I’ve always wondered when my work life would manifest itself into a video game, and it turns out that time is now. Campaign: The Game by Insolita Studios is arguably the first advertising agency simulator. While I wasn’t expecting this to be a true-to-life representation of my everyday life, I was curious to see how successful it would be as a video game.

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Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?

(Download on iTunes)

From his crazy over-selling of ideas that never made it into the Fable games, to the early Kinect prototype Milo, Peter Molyneux isn’t afraid to make kooky ideas come to life (or at least talk about them). His latest effort may be his most offbeat yet. In Curiosity – What’s Inside the Box, you and the rest of the world  work together to chip away at a giant cube until there’s nothing left. There’s supposedly something life-changing at the end, but only the person who chips away the final piece will get to see it. For at least a few minutes, I rolled up my sleeves and chipped away with the rest of the world in this experience.

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