Lost Cities on iPhone Review

Lost Cities on iOS is the adaptation of the Lost Cities physical card game. In it, two players compete to create the best routes to five different ancient civilizations by playing numbered cards in ascending order. In short, it’s like an awesome version of head-to-head Solitaire that I’m completely smitten by.

Ports of board games to mobile devices have generally gotten better over time, though there are still no shortage of duds out there. Going into this, I would have been devastated if this port of a game I adored sucked. Does Lost Cities successfully make the jump?

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Tsuro on iOS Review

Tsuro is one of the latest physical board games to make the jump to mobile. In it, players place tiles on the board to create a path for their piece to move along. Be careful though, as moving off of the board or crashing into another player will eliminate you from the game. While the board game might be a popular one, is it something you should also pick up for your phone?

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Splendor on iOS Review

Board Game Geek’s 2014 game of the year makes its way to iOS courtesy of Days of Wonder. Splendor is a chip and card collecting game where players will build their gem merchant empires by buying mines, means of transportation and shops. Despite some of its thematic flaws, I really like the physical version of this game. Does it translate well to iOS?

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Out Today: Splendor on iOS

One of my favourite board games of 2014 is out today on iOS! Splendor is a game where gem merchants are working towards building their empire. The theme is actually inconsequential to the whole thing, as it’s really about using gems to buy gem cards, and then a combination of gem and gem cards to get victory points. Yes, that sounds dull, but the mechanics are so tight and engaging that it’s easy to fall in love with and one that can stay on regular rotation for a long time. Expect a review from me on this soon!

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Pandemic for iOS Review


Pandemic on iOS is a direct adaptation of the board game with the same name. In it, players must work together to contain and cure four deadly viruses before they ravage the world. As daunting as it sounds, this is one of my favourite board games thanks to how tense the action always is and how it requires players to work as a team versus competing against one another.

I know the game has been available on iPad for quite some time. However, I do most of my digital board gaming on my iPhone, so a purchase on iPad wouldn’t be worth it for me. That is, until recently, when the app was finally updated with iPhone support. Now that I have it, is this a worth port of a fantastic board game?

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Board Gaming on Mobile Devices


I fell out of love with mobile gaming ages ago. What once was a platform full of potential has degraded into a free-to-play money grab for the likes of Farmville, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. For those of you that like those kinds of games, that’s great. However, the types of games and the business models that drive them no longer appeal to my gaming sensibilities. At this point, my final vestige of mobile gaming comes from digital adaptations of analog board games.

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XCOM: The Board Game Review

Aliens are hell bent on taking over our planet, but to quote Will Smith from Independence Day, “Welcome to Earth!” In XCOM: The Board Game, you and your fellow teammates will square off against the extraterrestrial threats on multiple fronts. This particular conflict may not be completely new to you, as this is a licensed board game based on the hit video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Nonetheless, it brings something very alien to the table for gamers of all sorts (pun intended), as it’s one of the first board games that needs to be played alongside of a digital app. Should you suit up for what might be Earth’s last stand?

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Yomi on iPad Review

Yomi was originally conceived as a means of translating Street Fighter-style combat into a card game. Not long after the game’s successful run as a tabletop battleground, the game came full circle when the online version was made available for players at Fantasy Strike. Now there’s a new way to play the video game version of the card game, as Yomi is available for purchase on the iPad.

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Yomi for iPad Coming out on April 17th

First announced over a year ago, Yomi, is finally headed to the iPad on April 17th. This card game that aims to simulate the one-on-one fighting game experience is one of my favourites, though finding the opportunity to play my physical copy has proven difficult to say the least. While the game is set to come out at the cost of $9.99, which may be high for some, this is a steal compared to spending $100 for the physical set. Also, for an additional $9.99, you’ll get access to the 10 new characters that have yet to receive a boxed release.

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Forbidden Island on iPad Review

The first in the Forbidden series of board games makes its way to the iPad courtesy of Button Mash Games and Gamewright. In it, you and your team of adventurers are trying to gather four mystical treasures while the island you’re standing on is sinking. Can you make it off of the island with the goods before everything is submerged by the ocean?

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