Pandemic Review – Nintendo Switch Version

In the world of tabletop gaming, Pandemic is a modern classic. Throwing two-to-four players into a world where four deadly viruses are on the verge of destroying humanity, you must work as a team to contain the spread while developing cures before it’s too late. Yes, the game is incredibly stressful, but there’s a magic that comes with working as a team and leveraging each character’s unique abilities in order to overcome this challenge.

Just like the viruses you’re trying to eradicate, the hit board game has spread to the Nintendo Switch? Is this version a plague on the console? Or a cure for your digital tabletop fever?

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Z-Man Games Announces the 10th Anniversary Edition of Pandemic!

Time flies when you’re having fun saving the world from four deadly diseases! It’s been 10 years since Pandemic revolutionized board games forever by popularizing co-op play, and after many spin-offs and expansions, its back in a tricked-out 10th anniversary edition.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Games Designed by Matt Leacock

You may not be familiar with his name, but there’s a good chance that if you’re a modern board game fan, you know at least one of his games. He’s the guy that created Pandemic, one of the biggest and best modern board games in existence.

Looking at his portfolio of games, he clearly has a niche. Co-operative games are his bread and butter, which he does better than just about anyone in the business. In this edition of the Board Game Night Playlist, you’re not only getting a spotlight on Matt Leacock games, but also a great co-operative game night.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Cooperative Play

Up until relatively recently, board games have been a primarily competitive medium. Thankfully, thanks to innovations in game design, players can now work together to face off against an opposing force that can only be stopped with your combined talents. This edition features a group of games that will keep you working as a team all night long.

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Pandemic for iOS Review


Pandemic on iOS is a direct adaptation of the board game with the same name. In it, players must work together to contain and cure four deadly viruses before they ravage the world. As daunting as it sounds, this is one of my favourite board games thanks to how tense the action always is and how it requires players to work as a team versus competing against one another.

I know the game has been available on iPad for quite some time. However, I do most of my digital board gaming on my iPhone, so a purchase on iPad wouldn’t be worth it for me. That is, until recently, when the app was finally updated with iPhone support. Now that I have it, is this a worth port of a fantastic board game?

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Board Gaming on Mobile Devices


I fell out of love with mobile gaming ages ago. What once was a platform full of potential has degraded into a free-to-play money grab for the likes of Farmville, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. For those of you that like those kinds of games, that’s great. However, the types of games and the business models that drive them no longer appeal to my gaming sensibilities. At this point, my final vestige of mobile gaming comes from digital adaptations of analog board games.

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Pandemic Review

photo 1(9)In Pandemic, the world is at risk of extinction due to four rapidly spreading diseases. With the fate of the world in your hands, you and your team of specialists must work together to contain – and hopefully find cures for – all of the diseases before it’s too late. You won’t always be successful in saving the world, but you’ll almost always have an amazing time trying.

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Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop

Ever since I caught a serious case of board game fever, I’ve scoured high and low for board game information and recommendations. Just to name a few, I’ve taken recommendations from the game gurus at Snakes and Lattes, caught up on many back episodes of the Dice Tower podcast and have scoured through the pages of Board Game Geek. These have all been great, though one particular show really stands out as a valuable resource.

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Pandemic is Now Included on The List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

PandemicWho would have thought that a game about disease control could turn out to be so awesome? It just so happens that Pandemic is that game. In this cooperative board game, you and your friends must work together to contain and hopefully eradicate four deadly diseases before it’s too late. This game made a wonderful first impression on us and it’s quickly become a favourite. Not all games are easy to recommend, but this one is a shoo-in for the list of Awesome Board Games You Should Play. If you like board games, go get this one! Or, check out the full list for other board games you should get while picking up Pandemic!