Z-Man Games Announces the 10th Anniversary Edition of Pandemic!

Time flies when you’re having fun saving the world from four deadly diseases! It’s been 10 years since Pandemic revolutionized board games forever by popularizing co-op play, and after many spin-offs and expansions, its back in a tricked-out 10th anniversary edition.

The game comes in a metal case that can be mounted to a wall. It has a larger board, all new graphic design, wooden bits, and mini figures instead of pegs for each character.

You can pre-order now through the Z-Man Games website, or snag a copy at Gencon. Having graduated to the Legacy games, my motivation to play original Pandemic is pretty low nowadays. However, its still one of my all-time favourites and one I may be okay with upgrading our original version to this one.

NOTE: There’s no Amazon link for the anniversary edition yet, so there’s a Pandemic Legacy Season 2 link instead. Buy that one too cause it’s great!

Buy Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Now From Amazon.com

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