Voicemod – Voice-Changing App with Elgato Stream Deck Support Review

Whether you want to speak with the voice of the devil or sing with an Auto-Tune like effect, changing one’s voice is a fun way to spice up your gaming sessions or content. However, the ability to modulate your voice was oftentimes easier said than done. Such effects have traditionally been exclusive to physical devices. You can add effects to your voice through VST plugins in OBS, but that software’s inability to toggle filters with hotkeys makes voice modulation more troublesome than it’s worth.

Enter Voicemod. This application provides users with dozens of different voices that you can tweak to your liking. You also get access to a soundboard. It’s free to start, though you’ll have to pay for access to its full suite of features. Is Voicemod worth adding to your toolset?

The most confusing part of the Voicemod experience happens upfront. Once you install the program, you’re likely going to have to change a few inputs within Windows and in any software tied to your mic for it to work. Though I wish the process was a bit smoother, the application does a good job of showing prompts when things are awry.

Once you’re set up, you’ll get to see the full library of voices available. However, the free version only grants you access to a handful of random voices. It’s a great way to sample what the app has to offer, but the free selection changes every day. For full access to the catalogue of voices, you’ll need to pay. There are monthly payment options or a a one-time fee for everything. I went with the latter. Furthermore, if you’ve got an Elgato Stream Deck, you can take advantage on a special discount.

The large library gives you a myriad of ways to change your voice. I lean heavily towards the built-in effects that sound like Auto-Tune, along with the effects that sound like I’m speaking through a megaphone. If those don’t tickle your fancy, there’s others that will make you sound like a robot, like you’re in a cave, or like you’re a chipmunk among many others. Every voice comes with controls that allow you to tweak the effects to your liking. I generally reduce the volume of every effect so that it better fits the mix of my stream while also making minor adjustments to pitch, overdrive, and whatever other options are available so I can get things just right.

After going through the whole library, you start to realize that many of the voices sound like minor variations from one another. This is due to every sound being crafted by a handful of major effects. There’s a lot you can do with those tools, but it does feel like there are limitations for what’s possible within its framework. Should you like, you can even use the app’s effect tools to create your own voices. The interface is pretty straightforward, though shaping a voice to mimic something in the real world is rather tricky. Your mileage may vary with this portion of the app.

Your vocal effects are triggered through hotkey commands on your keyboard or through an Elgato Stream Deck. I personally use the push-to-talk option on my Stream Deck so that I’m only in that voice when I need it. You can also set your commands so that they simply turn on and off as well. Thanks to its deep integration with the Stream Deck, you can control most of what you’d need on stream from the Stream Deck while keeping the Voicemod app in the background.

Voicemod can also act as a soundboard. You’re going to have to provide your own sounds, but it does allow you to load sounds into its interface and map them to hotkeys. Will admit that I didn’t use this feature, as the Stream Deck can handle soundboard duties without Voicemod. However, it’s a nice value add for those looking to quickly trigger sounds.

For those in the market for a digital voice changer, Voicemod is a solid solution. After you get past the initial setup hurdles, it’s an easy-to-use app that gives you a number of new voices to work with. Didn’t really notice any latency or performance hit to my PC during my tests either, allowing you to quickly transition between voices in real time. If you find a few voices already within its suite that appeal to you, I’d recommend picking this up. It’s an even easier solution to recommend if you’ve got an Elgato Stream Deck thanks to the discount. At the very least, try downloading the free version and see if this is something you’d like to pursue further.

If you’re interested in trying out Voicemod, you can get it from the official website.

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