Pandemic Review – Nintendo Switch Version

In the world of tabletop gaming, Pandemic is a modern classic. Throwing two-to-four players into a world where four deadly viruses are on the verge of destroying humanity, you must work as a team to contain the spread while developing cures before it’s too late. Yes, the game is incredibly stressful, but there’s a magic that comes with working as a team and leveraging each character’s unique abilities in order to overcome this challenge.

Just like the viruses you’re trying to eradicate, the hit board game has spread to the Nintendo Switch? Is this version a plague on the console? Or a cure for your digital tabletop fever?

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No Online Play for Asmodee Games on Nintendo Switch is a Deal-Breaker

Lost in the midst of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hype, Asmodee released the first of their digital board games to the Nintendo eShop. While I have not played Carcassonne on the Nintendo Switch, the physical board game is one of my faves, and the iOS port is stellar. I’m confident that the core gameplay is intact.

However, there’s one feature that is missing from this game that makes its purchase unjustifiable for me: online play. It also looks like the rest of the games in this series so far are also lacking online play. Without it, I’m probably not going to buy any of them, even if these are great renditions of great board games. Especially at the price they’re currently being sold for.

This is especially head-scratching, as you could play Carcassonne online on the Xbox 360 a decade ago. Its exclusion here is simply baffling. Until we get online play in here, I don’t see any reason to buy these versions over the physical board games or the much-cheaper-and-probably-just-as-good mobile ports.

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Z-Man Games Announces the 10th Anniversary Edition of Pandemic!

Time flies when you’re having fun saving the world from four deadly diseases! It’s been 10 years since Pandemic revolutionized board games forever by popularizing co-op play, and after many spin-offs and expansions, its back in a tricked-out 10th anniversary edition.

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Pandemic Iberia Review

Pandemic Iberia is a spin-off of the hit board game that puts players in a point of history far earlier than the present. With this shift in time period comes some changes to core gameplay. In a world without fight, movement around the board is somewhat hindered. In a world where science is far more primitive, you don’t have the means to cure diseases. Is this evolutionary step backwards compelling enough of a twist to get board game players to the table?

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Introducing Board Games to Non-Gamers

One of my favourite things to do as it pertains to board games is to introduce newcomers to the hobby. With the way the scene has grown in terms of gameplay innovation and variety, I feel like everyone can enjoy what board games are today on some level. From coworkers, to kids, to those who read this website, to even my mom, it’s been cool to be a part of someone discovering how fun modern games can be.

Based on my experiences as a “board game guru” and as a former non-gamer, I’ve picked up a thing or two on how to introduce board games in the best light. I’m not promising that this will help you turn a non-gamer into a super fan, but it can help bridge the gap.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Games Designed by Matt Leacock

You may not be familiar with his name, but there’s a good chance that if you’re a modern board game fan, you know at least one of his games. He’s the guy that created Pandemic, one of the biggest and best modern board games in existence.

Looking at his portfolio of games, he clearly has a niche. Co-operative games are his bread and butter, which he does better than just about anyone in the business. In this edition of the Board Game Night Playlist, you’re not only getting a spotlight on Matt Leacock games, but also a great co-operative game night.

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Early Impressions of Pandemic Legacy

Classic Pandemic is a co-operative board game where players team up in an effort to cure four deadly diseases before they wipe out the human race. No pressure, right? In the moment, it’s one of the most intense board games on the market. However, as soon as the game is over, the slate is wiped clean and you can start again as if nothing ever happened.

This is where Pandemic Legacy differs from its predecessor. Taking heavy influence from Risk Legacy, events that take place in each game leave a lasting impact on subsequent plays until you hit the final stage of the campaign. If you thought that the original game was stressful, wait until you play this version where the rules constantly change, characters can die and entire cities can be wiped off of the map forever.

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Pandemic Legacy Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

For the past month or so, my board gaming group have been playing Pandemic Legacy. Unlike classic Pandemic, where the world resets after each game, Pandemic Legacy takes players on a disease-fighting adventure that spans a year of time in the game world. Every decision in the game is permanent, as stickers are used make adjustments to character cards and boards, cards are required to be ripped up, and characters can even die if they get unlucky.

We’re not done yet, but the experience so far has been stellar. I didn’t play enough of the 2015 crop of board games to name a definitive game of the year, though this one squeaks by Codenames as my personal pick. Steer clear if you haven’t played classic Pandemic yet. However, if you have, what are you waiting for?!

Check out the list of Awesome Board Games You Should Play!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Cooperative Play

Up until relatively recently, board games have been a primarily competitive medium. Thankfully, thanks to innovations in game design, players can now work together to face off against an opposing force that can only be stopped with your combined talents. This edition features a group of games that will keep you working as a team all night long.

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Pandemic: Contagion Review

I have to admit that the thought of role-playing as a disease has never crossed my mind. Be that as it may, I’ll certainly give it a shot if the name Pandemic is involved. Pandemic: Contagion is the most dramatic spin-off of the Pandemic series to-date, as players control the diseases in an attempt to kill the most people. Are things more entertaining on the germy side?

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