Board Game Night Playlist: Deck-Building Games

In the late 2000s, Dominion took the board gaming world by storm. It essentially invented the deck-building genre of game, which has since been riffed on countless times. For those wanting to put on a deck-building game night, finding games is easy. Throw a rock into and game store and it’ll hit three deck builders before touching the ground.

With this edition of the Board Game Night Playlist, we’re going to build the perfect deck of cards within three different deck-building games. Let’s see what made the list this month!


1-4 players
Ages 13 and up
30 minutes

The original deck-building game is still worthy of a spot on anyone’s gaming playlist. Players will compete with each other to build the biggest and best kingdom. You’ll do so by earning money, hiring helping hands, sprucing up your castle and buying up land. While the game’s theme was never really its strong suit, it’s easy to overlook when the process of building a great deck and using it to generate a lot of money is so fun. With so many expansions on the market, you can make every game of Dominion feel very different. For first-time deck-builders, this is a solid place to start.



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2-5 players
Ages 8 and up
45 minutes

The next game on this list is an under-the-radar deck-builder by the name of Paperback. Players take on the roles of aspiring authors, competing to become the most famous by writing paperback novels. This game is an equal mix of Dominion and Scrabble, as you’ll need to form words with the letter cards in your hand in order to earn points. With those points, you’ll collect more letters to use and completed novels to add to your resume. The mash-up of Dominion and Scrabble sounds odd at first, but Paperback‘s execution of the concept is top-notch. For a great deck-builder that even your hardcore board game friends might have missed, add this one to the list.


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Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

1-5 players
Ages 14 and up
45 minutes

Rounding out the festivities for this evening is Marvel Legendary. One of the many evil masterminds in the Marvel universe is carrying out a heinous plot that only you and the other superheroes can foil. This one pushes the limits of what deck-building can be, as it adds a number of new mechanics to the core formula to really make it feel like an epic battle between good and evil. Like Dominion, there are numerous expansions available for purchase, allowing players to recreate virtually any Marvel story or make their own tale of legendary heroism.


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