My Rapid Descent into Pokemon Trading Card Game Madness

I remember the start of my Pokemon Trading Card Game journey like it was yesterday. Because it was basically yesterday. Starting with just a set of two pre-made decks, we discovered that we really enjoyed the game and wanted to explore the scene further.

In a matter of days, I may have floored the gas pedal.

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What I Learned From Playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the First Time

More than 20 years after its original release, I finally tried my at the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Together with my wife, we bought a starter set and engaged in battle. Here’s what I’ve learned after finally crossing this experience off of my bucket list!

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10 Years of In Third Person: Board Games Are Fun!

Between my adolescence and some point in my late 20s, I held a very negative perception of board games. Scarred by the old mainstays that relied heavily on randomness and player elimination, I wrote them off as a kids activity. Then one fateful night, Steff tricked me into joining her friends for a game of Dominion and my life was changed forever.  For years after that, board games consumed almost all of my hobby time to the point where board game content became the majority of my output for this site.

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Pressing The Issue of Board Games Onto Others

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how awesome it was that friends introduced me to the board gaming hobby. Since then, I’ve made it a point to pay it forward and introduce others to the wonders of the medium ever since. I even made a guide on how to do just that.

However, a post I found on Reddit made me realize that my guide was missing a very important aspect of that process. What if they’re not interested?

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Collection Shaming

A while back, The Dice Tower put out a video of Jason Levine’s board game collection. Featuring thousands of board games, it might actually prove to be the largest personal board game collection in the world. While the video received a lot of praise, it also received criticism from those who took offense to him having a large stash of board games. It reminded me of a similar backlash that video game YouTuber 8-Bit Eric received for posting a video of his Nintendo Switch game collection. I get the sense that if I were to seek out people showing off their collections of anything, there’s going to be hate.

My big question is, “Why?”

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Why Good Board Games Struggle to Make it to The Table

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is a fantastic strategy game that puts each player at the helm of one of the major houses in the franchise. Despite my love for it, that game is collecting dust on our shelf. Just because I own it and because it’s good doesn’t mean I’m going to play it into the ground. The reality is, there are factors about that and other board games in my collection that make it very difficult for them to make it on the table. Here’s a couple of reasons why games I enjoy struggle to get played.

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Board Game Talk: T.I.M.E Stories

The return of Board Game Talk features one of my favourite games of the moment: T.I.M.E Stories! Make sure to come back next week as well when we cover all of the expansions to-date!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Deck-Building Games

In the late 2000s, Dominion took the board gaming world by storm. It essentially invented the deck-building genre of game, which has since been riffed on countless times. For those wanting to put on a deck-building game night, finding games is easy. Throw a rock into and game store and it’ll hit three deck builders before touching the ground.

With this edition of the Board Game Night Playlist, we’re going to build the perfect deck of cards within three different deck-building games. Let’s see what made the list this month!

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Avoiding Disappointment With Your Board Game Purchases

Oceania Board GameNot every board game is going to meet your expectations. This is true with all things in life. However, it sucks more when you buy a big box board game and it’s a bust. With a physical copy of a disappointing video game, you can easily sell it back to the store for credit. With no easy way of unloading a disappointing board game, it’ll either take up space and collect dust on your shelf, or you’re going to have to actively move it through Kijiji or Board Game Geek.

As hard as we try to avoid it, there will be times when we add lemons to our collection. The best we can do is to try and avoid them. Here’s some tips on how to minimize your losses.

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