The 2021 Pokemon Trading Card Game Gift Guide

Christmas shopping for a fan of Pokemon cards can be incredibly intimidating. With so many different cards, collections, and accessories spanning decades and price points, I don’t blame anyone for not knowing where to start.

If you’re struggling to find the right Pokemon card gift, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got a number of recommendations based on the type of Pokemon card fan you’re shopping for. Going to try and keep most of these suggestions easy enough for you to grab at a regular store. Let’s get shopping!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Twitch Streamer in Your Life

Do you happen to have a streamer on your Christmas shopping list? While you might want to support them in their hobby, it can be difficult to know what to get them, especially if you’re not a streamer yourself.

If you’re in this predicament, here are a few things that the streamer in your life will truly appreciate!

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Underneath My Christmas Tree: 2014 Edition

Christmas GoodiesHoping you all had a blast this holiday season! For me, it was great to spend a lot of time with my family. Got to spread the joy of board games with my younger cousins by giving them a copy of King of Tokyo, which they loved. Got to spend Christmas day with Steff’s dad’s side of the family; a first for me after all of these years. Best of all, our schedules worked out in a way where Steff and I didn’t have to split up in order to visit all of our respective families.

I may be getting up there in age, though that didn’t stop my loved ones from spoiling me. Hopefully my gifts, love and Christmas cheer were enough to reciprocate, because I definitely got hooked up! This post highlights the stuff that is relevant to the site, though I’m also appreciative of the t-shirts, socks, ties, and Taylor Swift concert tickets (!!!) I got as well. Now let’s look at the goods!

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Pick-Up Post: Holiday 2013 Edition

Happy holidays!

Hoping your last few days have been filled with joy, quality time with those you love, and of course, sweet gaming gifts! Even though I’m rapidly approaching my 30s, Santa was particularly kind to me this year. Also, I may have overdid it with the Boxing Day shopping. Anyhow, if you’re interested in checking out my stash, read through the rest of this post!

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Gaming-Related Christmas Gifts I Received: 2011 Edition

Hope your holidays were full of cheer, turkey and great gifts. At my age, Christmas is definitely more about giving than receiving, though I did receive some excellent gifts this year from the ones I love. Since this is a gaming blog most of the time, I thought I’d share with you what I found under my Christmas tree. I’d love to hear what you got for Christmas in the comments, too!

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Girlfriend Gaming: What She Wants for Christmas

Last week, my girlfriend and I exchanged Christmas wish lists. Unlike mine, which was comprised almost exclusively of video games, only one appeared on her list. Not to say that there’s only one game she wants, but our priorities are very much different. Santa will do his best to get her what she’s asking for.

She gave me the blessing to share with you some of the games she’s eying this holiday season. Besides the one on her formal list, we’ve gone shopping recently and she’s pointed out a few titles she’d like to get a hold of. Is your girlfriend/boyfriend interested in any of these?

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