Underneath My Christmas Tree: 2014 Edition

Christmas GoodiesHoping you all had a blast this holiday season! For me, it was great to spend a lot of time with my family. Got to spread the joy of board games with my younger cousins by giving them a copy of King of Tokyo, which they loved. Got to spend Christmas day with Steff’s dad’s side of the family; a first for me after all of these years. Best of all, our schedules worked out in a way where Steff and I didn’t have to split up in order to visit all of our respective families.

I may be getting up there in age, though that didn’t stop my loved ones from spoiling me. Hopefully my gifts, love and Christmas cheer were enough to reciprocate, because I definitely got hooked up! This post highlights the stuff that is relevant to the site, though I’m also appreciative of the t-shirts, socks, ties, and Taylor Swift concert tickets (!!!) I got as well. Now let’s look at the goods!

Christmas Video GamesVideo Games

Between Steff and my brother Randy, they treated me to a slew of hot holiday releases. For the Wii U, I got the latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. Though I fell out of the series with Brawl, I’ve had a blast each time I’ve picked this game up at my brother’s house. Excited to play more! On the PlayStation 4 I got Far Cry 4 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, sequels to shooters I like. My Xbox One is going to get some love too with Sunset Overdrive. Can’t wait to play all of these!

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Samus and Fox AmiibosAmiibos

My obsession with Amiibo collecting has hit a fever pitch. Super thankful to Steff’s parents for getting me Samus and JJ for sending me Fox McCloud. In particular, JJ went out of his way to track down a harder-to-find figure and mail it to me internationally. Looking forward to using these in Smash Bros. as well as in any other games that will support them!

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A few months ago, I had to make the tough decision of cutting comics completely from my budget. My moratorium will continue for the foreseeable future, though I got a bunch of books to carry me through these dark times. These include the latest Wonder Woman book, the start of the modern-day Guardians of the Galaxy, the start of the modern-day Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and volume 1 of Batman Eternal. If I pace this out right, these should keep me busy for quite some time.

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Board Games

Pictured on the left are two accessories for Marvel Dice Masters. The big box is the Collector’s Box, which is a fancy box that can be used to hold all of your cards and hundreds of dice. Below it is the rubber playmat. To the right is Freedom: The Underground Railroad. It may be an educational game about some very touchy subject matter (slavery in the 1800s), but this game about saving slaves from the plantations has piqued my interest thanks to the universal praise it’s received from critics. Really hoping to bring this to the table soon to experience it for myself!

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