KEEP COLLECTING AMIIBO! Why it’s still worth getting these Nintendo figurines!

The Amiibo hype train certainly isn’t what it used to be. Even so, that hasn’t stopped me from building my collection! Everyone’s reasons are different, but I thought I’d share my rationale for collecting Amiibo figures to this day!

This video was so fun to make! Spent way too long capturing slo-mo clips; most of which didn’t make it into the final cut. Will be sharing a lot of these slo-mo clips separately on social media!

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First Look at the Dark Samus Amiibo

The gorgeous Dark Samus Amiibo is available now! Here’s an up close and personal look at this doppelganger! Enjoy!

Click through for the full video and still images!

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Amiibo Figures and Video Game Object Photography

Years ago, I wrote a piece about my Sheik Amiibo. As part of that post, I hastily took a picture of Sheik and Zelda standing together. Not thinking much about the artistic merits of the shot itself, they were placed on top of a fighstick with a picture of Spider-Man and I in the background.

Years later, while mining my archives for content to post on the In Third Person Instagram account, I found that picture. I showed it to my wife and asked her, “Hey, what if I post this picture with the caption, ‘Two sides to every story’?”. She replied, “Can you bring those Amiibos to me?”

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The End of My Amiibo Hype Train?

Amiibo CollectionOver year has passed and way too much money has left my wallet for Amiibo figures. Though they don’t spend much time being scanned into my Wii U, they make for amazing collectibles on my gaming desk. Looking at my desk, I feel like I got every character I’d want – and a handful I probably didn’t need.

With Nintendo not slowing down on their Amiibo releases, what more could they have in store? I kind have at least one of everyone I want. In some cases, more than one of each character I want. Is this the year where my Amiibo spending finally goes down?

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Stuff vs. Space

Growing up, the concept of space didn’t really factor into my way of living. With my parent’s house as a repository, I bought what I wanted and held onto things for way longer than I probably should have. For instance, I stored a collection of a few dozen basketball shoes in my closet, hundreds of video games in the basement, and virtually all of my school work dating back to grade 6 under my bed. You know, in case I needed to refer to my school work someday in the real world.

Today, I’m challenged with a very different dilemma. While I don’t collect sneakers or homework anymore, they’ve been replaced with a large stash of comic books, board games and Amiibo figures. The video games are still here, albeit split in half as part of the “Great Divorce” my brother and I had when I moved out. Finally, my parent’s house has been replaced with Steff and I’s small condo. The stuff I have versus the space I have are at odds with each other and something has to give.

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Light at the End of the Amiibo Tunnel?

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to browse the internet on my phone while still lying in bed. On this particular morning, while scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I saw a post from five minutes ago that showed Marth in stock at Walmart. Without hesitation, I ran to my computer and purchased both him and Wii Fit Trainer. After months of scouring the internet for pro tips and refreshing online stores for figures, I scored two thirds of the original holy trinity at retail price before brushing my teeth.

Is this a sign of Amiibo supply finally meeting demand? To quote an expression I use at work all the time, “LOL! No.”

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Amiibo Story: Inkling Boy and Girl

SplatoonUp until this point, all of my Amiibo purchases have been tied to characters steeped in years of nostalgia. When I look at my collection, my heart still feels all warm and fuzzy as the memories flood in. So how then, did the Splatoon Amiibos end up here?

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Out Now: Splatoon

My skepticism around Nintendo’s oddball foray into the team-based shooter melted away after experiencing the global testfire a few weeks ago. While I still have questions about how much content is in the package, I’m smitten by the game’s look, sound, innovative gameplay and polish. Splatoon may not seem like a Nintendo game at first glance, but it playing that beta proved to me that this has the big N’s fingerprints all over it.

I’m going to have to wait a bit before I get my hands covered in ink. Having ordered through Amazon, it appears as though my copy won’t be in until sometime next week. When it does come in though, expect a review and some video content from me in the near future! Happy inking!

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Amiibo Story: Gold Mario

Gold Mario Amiibo

When Nintendo first revealed the Amiibo concept, it was inevitable that they would release multiple versions of the same character. As a means of being somewhat disciplined with my money, I’ve set a general guideline for myself that I would only buy one version of a particular character I liked. For certain characters, like Peach and Luigi, this rule should be pretty easy to uphold. For Mario, forget about it. If he’s in any other form than his classic suit, I’m probably going to fall for it more often than not.

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Amiibo Story: Peach

Peach Amiibo“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”

I have to admit, I never did save the princess in her NES debut. Not for a lack of effort, though, as my attempts at beating the original Super Mario Bros. have come up short. Even as recently as last year, I couldn’t get any farther than world 8-3. She may forever be trapped in that castle, though we’ve certainly shared some great gaming moments together.

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