Social Distance

“Miss, you forgot this.”

Noticing that the woman in front of me in the checkout had left a can in her basket, I picked it up and handed it to her. The woman, obstructing her mouth with a winter scarf, pinched the opposite end of the can with her index finger and thumb, deliberately minimizing contact. As soon as she took possession, she handed the can to the cashier, saying she didn’t want it anymore.

Oh. I see how it is.

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My Gaming Christmas Wish List 2019 Edition

‘Tis the season for Turkey, winter wonderlands, and quality time with the family. Also, gifts. Heck yes!

Here are a couple of games on my Christmas wish list this year. What are you hoping to find underneath your Christmas tree this time around?

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3 Elgato Products to Buy This Black Friday

Black Friday is a wonderful time to buy streaming equipment as a gift for the streamer in your life. As part of this year’s festivities, Elgato has a number of its products on sale. They are my go-to company for streaming equipment and I may have to pick up an item or two for myself.

If you want to check out the full list of deals, check out this link and find the deals being offered in your country. But if you want a few of my recos, keep on reading!

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Game X 3.0 Recap

Over the weekend, Steff and I attended the Game X convention. Taking place just west of Toronto in a hotel ballroom, it was the first convention I’ve been to that was dedicated solely to video games. Let me give you a peek at what you missed!

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Green Man Gaming has made cost-per-hour as a value metric a thing

Back in 2010, I tackled the hypothetical-at-the-time metric of cost-per-hour relative to valuing a video game. Even in my cursory glance at the challenge, I poked a few glaring holes in the idea to the point where it didn’t make sense to me as a worthwhile metric. In spite of that, it appears that Green Man Gaming has implemented cost-per-hour as a metric on its storefront. No, they didn’t find the magic workaround to make the metric make sense, and I vehemently disagree with Green Man Gaming’s CEO Paul Sulyok’s defense of its implementation.

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Out Now: The Xbox One X

Looking to regain its footing in the console space, Microsoft unleashes the Xbox One X today. This may not be a full refresh of the Xbox One platform, but the power jump is enough to make it the most powerful console on the market to-date.

Having seen the unit in action at Fan Expo earlier this year, the console is small, sleek, and packs one heck of a graphical punch. However, its benefits still don’t provide the leap we’ve seen in the past. At this point, it appears that we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns when it comes to graphical leaps.

Furthermore, that price tag is steep. At $500 US, it’s a tough bullet to bite relative to what you’re getting. Nonetheless, I do hope that this could be the kick in the pants that gets the Xbox back on track. Coming off of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has gone out of their way to undermine all of their success with a plethora of poor decisions that has compromised their platform. Having them as a more viable player in the scene would only make the entire market as a whole better!

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Out Now: Super Mario Odyssey

The wait is over!

The Super Mario Odyssey hype train has finally pulled into the station! Appearing to be one of Mario’s biggest and most ambitious adventures to-date, I’m going to devour this one as soon as I get home from work. Are you ready to take on this latest release for the Nintendo Switch?

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Super NES Classic Pre-Orders Rolling Out Across North America and it’s Been a Mess

Remember when Nintendo said that they would be making significantly more Super NES Classic Edition consoles than its NES counterpart? Sure didn’t look like it during this first round of North American pre-orders. Starting as early as 1am EST with Best Buy in the United States, pre-orders began rolling out and selling out just as fast as they arrived. Heck, during my attempt to snag one, it sold out in two minutes. You do not have to search that far on the internet to find many bitter customers who came up short when trying to snag Nintendo’s latest retro console.

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Out Now: The Nintendo Switch

It’s here!

Not long after making its existence known, the Nintendo Switch is available for purchase now! Having ordered it online, I don’t expect it to have it until next week. When I do get it in though, expect to see a lot of it on the site!

If you’re in the market without a pre-order, good luck! Maybe the link to the Amazon might help?

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I Pre-Ordered a Nintendo Switch

As soon as pre-orders were made available here in Canada, I snagged one. Yes, I came out of Nintendo’s presentation the night before a bit underwhelmed, but I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan that would go insane if I didn’t have it on day one. I also have hopes that this one will be a more worthwhile console than the Wii U.

If you don’t have your pre-order in, you can try grabbing it through Amazon with the link below. I don’t think they’re in stock at the moment, but once they restock, consider pre-ordering through me. You’ll get the same price and customer service that Amazon provides, while Amazon then pays me a little bit for the referral.

Good luck!

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