I applied for a partnership with Elgato and got rejected. Here’s why that’s okay.

A few days ago, Elgato opened up applications to its streamer partnership program. Though I’m generally weary of any sort of partnership or sponsorship programs aimed at small streamers for how slanted they are in favour of the brand, I decided to give this one a shot. I did so because I am a fan of the brand’s products, applying alone didn’t appear to lock me into anything overly-exploitive, and whatever permissions I gave them to my channels could be easily revoked if they rejected me.

Well, they did reject me. That’s okay. There’s a silver lining to my application that you may want to take advantage of while the opportunity is still open.

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Target is the Secret Best Video Game Store in Canada

Earlier this year, Target made its debut in Canada. At first, I was pretty disappointed with their video games section. It’s selection is smaller than Walmart’s and most of its games rarely ever go on sale. By virtue of living beside one, I would oftentimes end up at Target for other reasons, though I’d always leave their gaming department empty-handed.

But that all changed when the orange clearance stickers started showing up. To my surprise, Target began blowing out their games more aggressively than any other retailer I’ve ever seen.

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Let’s Talk About Black Friday


Black Friday is a bit of a weird subject for me. As a Canadian, I’ve never actually experienced the madness that is Black Friday. However, I can totally relate. In Canada, we celebrate Boxing Day, which is the Canadian Black Friday equivalent that takes place on the day after Christmas. As a huge Boxing Day fan, I can relate to the experience of planning my shopping trip days in advance with the aid of flyers and online resources, as well as the experience of lining up and dealing with mobs to take advantage of great deals. I’ve taken advantage of a few Boxing Day video game deals in the past and I’ll probably do so again this year.

With that said, let’s talk about Black Friday.

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