I applied for a partnership with Elgato and got rejected. Here’s why that’s okay.

A few days ago, Elgato opened up applications to its streamer partnership program. Though I’m generally weary of any sort of partnership or sponsorship programs aimed at small streamers for how slanted they are in favour of the brand, I decided to give this one a shot. I did so because I am a fan of the brand’s products, applying alone didn’t appear to lock me into anything overly-exploitive, and whatever permissions I gave them to my channels could be easily revoked if they rejected me.

Well, they did reject me. That’s okay. There’s a silver lining to my application that you may want to take advantage of while the opportunity is still open.

As part of the rejection notice, Elgato also sent me a 15% off coupon for anything in their online store. In talking with others who have applied, it doesn’t seem like everyone gets a code. Not sure how their program determines who gets a code, though I’m curious to learn more. Nevertheless, it’s a shot at a coupon you can use on streaming gear!

Having planned on purchasing a particular anyway, the failed application still paid off. Though it took a few days to get back in stock, I placed an order for the next piece of gear: an Elgato Stream Deck XL.

I absolutely adore my original Stream Deck and have wanted to add more buttons to my setup even before the XL was revealed. Between having this larger unit and being able to pair the two devices together so that one acts as folders for the functions in the other deck, I’ve got easy access to potentially hundreds of different commands! Based on how my show has evolved over time, I can never have enough buttons.

If you applied and got accepted into the Elgato partnership program, congrats! But for those like me who didn’t get chosen, there’s still a reason to shoot your shot. I have a number of Elgato products in my streaming setup and can vouch for their quality. If you were planning on adding any Elgato products to your collection, you might as well apply for a chance at that promo code.

Will report back on my experiences with the Stream Deck XL as soon as I get a chance to test it out!

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