I applied for a partnership with Elgato and got rejected. Here’s why that’s okay.

A few days ago, Elgato opened up applications to its streamer partnership program. Though I’m generally weary of any sort of partnership or sponsorship programs aimed at small streamers for how slanted they are in favour of the brand, I decided to give this one a shot. I did so because I am a fan of the brand’s products, applying alone didn’t appear to lock me into anything overly-exploitive, and whatever permissions I gave them to my channels could be easily revoked if they rejected me.

Well, they did reject me. That’s okay. There’s a silver lining to my application that you may want to take advantage of while the opportunity is still open.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Shipped and Sold 2 Million Copies at Launch

(Insert “it’s over 9,000!” reference here)

Dragon Ball FighterZ went full Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan at launch, shipping and selling a combined two million copies across all platforms. According to Gematsu, it’s the fastest selling game in the Dragon Ball series. By comparison, that puts it close to two-plus years of Street Fighter V sales, and not that far behind Tekken 7. I can’t find concrete numbers regarding Injustice 2, but it’s roughly in this same lofty ballpark as well.

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This Narrative About ARMS Being a Flop Needs to Stop

I’ll be the first to admit that I like ARMS more than most. It dominated my summer as I fought my way up to the highest ranks, and even earned a spot as a finalist in a tournament earlier this year. That said, I’ve seen more than my fair share of criticism about the game from around the web, attacking its perceived lack of content, shallow gameplay, and slow rollout of updates. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on those matters and I respect that.

What does bother me though is this narrative that ARMS is a sales flop. Despite having sold 1.35 million units and counting, some want to use that information as proof that the game has failed to meet expectations. While it may not stack up to the heavy hitters on the Switch, especially in light of Super Mario OdysseyĀ selling a whopping 2 million copies in 3 days, I think that people using that 1.35 million units sold tally are looking at it from the wrong perspective.

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ARMS Makes a Strong Sales Debut

Nintendo’s oddball fighter proved to be a heavyweight at retailers worldwide. First, it debuted at #2 on the U.K. charts, only behind an on promotion Horizon Zero Dawn. Then, its debut in Japan almost outsold the debuts of Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V combined. Most recently, NPD data shows that ARMS performed extremely well in the US, reaching #5 with 256,000 units sold physically and digitally. For a game that left many of us scratching our heads when upon its reveal in January, ARMS has become a hit.

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On Sale at Amazon.com – April 10th Edition

I’m trying something a bit different. If it works out, we might keep this as a regular thing. There are some sweet deals on Amazon.com and I thought it’d be cool to share them with you. These deals are likely a limited time offer, and I have no idea when they expire, so act fast before it’s too late! Part of the proceeds raised from the purchases of these games supports In Third Person, so I’ll send my good vibes to you should you choose to purchase.

Just Dance 3

List Price: $39.99

On Sale: $23.96

Buy Just Dance 3 From Amazon.com

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

List Price: $59.99

On Sale: $39.54

Buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 From Amazon.com

Final Fantasy XIII-2

List Price: $59.99

On Sale: $29.99

Buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Now from Amazon.com

Catherine is Atlus’ Biggest Launch Title Ever

Normally, I don’t like to use In Third Person as a means of perpetuating a company’s PR cycle. Not to say that I’m anti-establishment or anything like that, but every professional or amateur video games enthusiast writer is going to write the same stories about the same press releases. Adding my own spin to a public relations piece that has been spun a million times before generally doesn’t excite me one bit.

However, this one is a bit different. The Catherine demo won me over in a big way, and I’m really loving the final product. Expect to see a review for Catherine tomorrow. I had some concerns that this game would fall on deaf ears for looking like a perverse Japanese porno game (which the game is not). Had it flopped and discouraged Atlus or others from releasing more unique products, I would have been a very sad panda. Thank goodness then for the announcement from Atlus that Catherine set an Atlus sales record, having shipped more units at launch than any other Atlus game in the publisher’s 20-year history.

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Let’s Talk About the Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Price Drop

Even prior to yesterday’s announcement of a massive price drop, it was fairly safe to say that the Nintendo 3DS isn’t doing so hot right now. The system hasn’t sold very well anywhere, the games haven’t sold well, the game library as a whole sucks, and a number of upcoming games have either been delayed or cancelled due to the system’s poor sales. I bought one at launch and I’ve been pretty disappointed in it. The software lineup has been very weak, the 3D effect is nothing more than a gimmick and the hardware itself takes some weird steps backwards from the DS Lite. While my website metrics aren’t the most accurate means of judging the interest level in a console, all of my Nintendo 3DS posts have tanked hard, which I blame mainly on lack of interest in the platform.

So the news of a Nintendo 3DS price drop isn’t exactly a shock. What is a shock, however, is how big the drop was. Nintendo is slashing over 30% off the $250 asking price to bring the new Nintendo 3DS price to $170.
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Pick-Up Post: More Blockbuster Liquidation Madness

The hoopla surrounding the closure of many Blockbuster stores died fairly quickly in my area. One day removed from the start of the liquidation sales, and the lines that once wrapped around the store had dwindled to four or five people per store. While most of the good stuff had been quickly snatched away on the first day, I was able to find a few games that piqued my interest on day two of the sale. Here’s what I grabbed:

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Top 3 iPhone Games On Sale This Valentine’s Day

With a major holiday coming up, many iPhone game publishers are once again slashing the prices on a number of their games. Before writing this feature, I went nuts and bought a ton of games myself, many of which I will write about in the near future. If you’re looking to load up on iPhone games for yourself (or gift to a loved one) and don’t know where to start, I’d say start with my recommendations in this post.

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Tony Hawk: Shred is Out and No One Cares


I thought things couldn’t get any tougher for the Tony Hawk series. After Tony Hawk: Ride bombed at retail, Activision decided that making the sequel a more kid-friendly experience would help the game move units.

Instead, Tony Hawk: Shred has put up some of the worst video game launch numbers I’ve ever seen made public.

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