Blockbuster Party Game Review

For a younger generation, the box pictured above means absolutely nothing. For the rest of us old folk, its nostalgia is undeniable. Long before the advent of Netflix, we went to video rental stores like Blockbuster to rent movies in VHS format.

When my wife Steff and I first saw this box on the shelf, we immediately did a double take. No, this isn’t a remnant from the past. It’s the box for a new tabletop party game featuring the Blockbuster brand.

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Pick-Up Post: More Blockbuster Liquidation Madness

The hoopla surrounding the closure of many Blockbuster stores died fairly quickly in my area. One day removed from the start of the liquidation sales, and the lines that once wrapped around the store had dwindled to four or five people per store. While most of the good stuff had been quickly snatched away on the first day, I was able to find a few games that piqued my interest on day two of the sale. Here’s what I grabbed:

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Pick-Up Post: Blockbuster Liquidation Madness

Across Canada, 146 Blockbuster locations are preparing to close their doors, which accounts for about 1/3 of all Blockbuster locations across the country. It’s a sad day for over a thousand people who will be losing their jobs and many of its customers who still want their movies and games on physical media. Canada will still have Blockbuster locations after this, but the future for those left is foggy at best.

The short-term good news is, all of these stores affected are liquidating their products at deep discounts. On the first day of the sales, my girlfriend and I went to her local Blockbuster that was shutting down and bought a ton of stuff. She bought Epic Mickey and a bunch of movies. I had upwards of 15 games in my hands during that trip, but I narrowed it down to 7 by the time I hit the register. Check out what I bought by clicking through to the rest of this post!

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